Air Force Finally Releases UFO Files


E. T. May Be Out There According To 130,000 Declassified Documents

Most UFO enthusiasts have been trying to get the Air Force to release their fabled Project Blue Book for years, and the Air Force finally said okay last week. Almost 130,000 pages of UFO records hit the web.

The Project Blue Book pages contain information compiled between 1947 and 1969. There were 12,618 sightings during those years, and 701 of them are still considered unidentified. The Air Force decided to stop UFO investigations because they felt no UFO sighting has ever produced a threat to national security.

The now-obsolete National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena was convinced that throughout the 1960s the federal government covered up what it knew about UFOs, and they wanted congressional hearings.

There are more than 10,000 cases in the released pages. The pages include a 1950 case at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. An Air Force, Special Investigations agent, said a star-like craft shifted from a bright white color to red and green as it moved erratically in several different directions.

In 1965, the deputy for reconnaissance at the Directorate of Advanced Recon Planning, documented seeing a UFO moving in a wave pattern while on a flight. The UFO reflected sunlight as it rose and looked gray as it descended. The UFO went up and then fell three times at different speeds before it leveled off. The object accelerated away at a speed of more than 600 knots. has these released documents and UFO phenomena fans like myself and Lee Slaughter have been reading these reports continuously.

Wisconsin Governor Pushing For Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients

Wisconsin’s controversial Governor Scott Walker (R) is pushing to pass a bill requiring drug testing for food stamp recipients. It was about a year ago that he first came out in favor of such a bill. He doesn’t seem to mind that polls taken nationwide show the idea to be unpopular.

Walker said in a press release that my coworker Dan Newlin read, “We know employers in Wisconsin have jobs available, but they don’t have enough qualified employees to fill those positions.” He says this bill will help people in the state become more independent by finding jobs, and doing them well.

Putting a halt to these hopes is the U.S. Department of Agriculture, who oversees the Federal Program of Food Stamps. They say they are opposed to drug testing for recipients. If a state passes such a bill, federal funding could be taken away for noncompliance with federal programs.

Walker has also shown interest in drug testing for other state assistance programs. These programs include, Medicaid and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. Walker has a history of not backing down, even when his opinion is unpopular. He has a fight ahead of him with the Obama administration if he wants to see this pass.

THINX Is The Latest Idea From The Desk of Sam Tabar

I just finished reading a story from about Sam Tabar on Herald Online, on the next Kick starter project, THINX.

THINX has a most desirable product; it is a prediction product in the shape of an I-pad, but its contents are a lot more valuable than the I-pad. THINX allows the user to make financial choices of mutual funds by providing the latest economic forecasting information that is done by Merrill Lynch experts in the field of economic research and in personal forecasting. As the original Press Release stated on Newswire, the user gets into a screen that gives several diverse mutual fund choices, which, of course includes the recommendations of the two major categories of investments: stocks and bonds.

THINX allows the user to choose two or three funds on the basis of 3 months, six months, 12 months, and 1 year capital appreciation, and 2 years of capital appreciation. Then the user asks for additional information on the complexity and the diversity of the individual fund; for instance, the user asks if the stocks listed in that fund’s portfolio are invested in European businesses or American businesses. The user can then ask the question: of the two economies suggested, which economy is predicting higher growth and information is automatically given for the short term, the intermediate term, and the long term predictions. The intrinsic value of the THINX is invaluable in that it can virtually reduce the dependence of a stockbroker for advice on stock, and bonds, and on other trading like trading in futures.

Teenager Impersonates Doctor for a Month

In West Palm Beach, Florida, a teenage boy has been walking around St. Mary’s Medical Center dressed in a white lab coat, wearing a mask and a stethoscope for nearly a month now. The young man was seen on multiple floors of the hospital talking with hospital staff. He was seen by patients, doctors and security alike, but it wasn’t until last week that he was discovered. A patient in the OB/GYN department noticed that the doctor looked like a kid playing dress up and reported it to hospital staff.

After calling the police and talking with his mother, no charges are being filed. According to the mother, the teenager has a medical condition that is being cared for, however, the boy refuses to take his medication. One doctor mentioned that he thought something seemed off about the doctor, but he wasn’t sure what it was. Another hospital in the area has recently seen a young man matching this boy’s description hanging around near the ER.

Gianfrancesco Genoso of found that when police searched the teenagers vehicle, they found the white lab coat, and a set of black nurses scrubs. It is a little concerning that this boy was able to traipse around the hospital pretending to be a doctor for so long without being discovered. The full story and the police report can be accessed from

Bruce Levenson Can Do it All

His Beginning
Bruce Levenson has a grand and impressive history and career. He began his life in Washington, D.C which is where he was born. He was raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland. This may appear to be quite an ordinary beginning for such an extraordinary individual. At this time he and his wife have 3 sons. They have homes in Potomac, Maryland and Atlanta.

A Philanthropist
Mr. Levenson is a true philanthropist. This ought to be noted because he has been quite active in many organizations. His participation includes:
*Community Foundation of Washington, D.C.
*Hoop Dreams Foundation
*President of the Washington Chapter of I Have a Dream Foundation
*Founder donor to the U.S. Holocaust Museum
*Funds the Museum’s Bringing the Lessons Home program
*Significant donations to the Seeds of Peace Foundation
It is very apparent that Mr. Levenson does much to better this world. He spearheaded the development of the Center for Philanthropy with his wife, Karen. They also are known for providing seed funding to an institution. This was for the education of students to teach them how to run a nonprofit organization. This encourages and motivates others to participate in philanthropic action and activities.

Partner Spirit LLC
Bruce Levenson is a partner in Atlantic Spirit, LLC, according to this link on Wikipedia. This would be the majority owner of the NBA Atlanta Hawks franchise.

Forbes Profile
Since 1999 he had served as a director, Tech Target Inc. He is the co-founder of United Communications Group. This is UCG. This is where Bruce Levenson had worked since 1977.

More than Average
This is a more than average man who possesses many strengths. At the age of 62 he has given so much of himself and accomplished more than the average individual. When will he slow down? This is hard to know at this time for Bruce Levenson.




A Surprising Hybrid Aircraft Flies Over The UK

Christian Broda and I were looking into an article. It was speaking abut Aviation. Electricity comes true in aviation. The Airbus E-Fan, a modest two-seater flying for some time and the solar airplane is about to go around the world. However, for larger aircraft and commercial transportation, electricity cannot compete with internal combustion engines. But it can help! This is demonstrated by a team of British researchers with a hybrid aircraft.

The main obstacle in the design of an electric airplane is the storage of energy. The current batteries are not powerful enough to fly a plane over long distances. For example, if one has to replace the tank of an airliner by batteries, it would fly only about 10 minutes.

The solution proposed by researchers from the University of Cambridge is to use a hybrid engine. Their plane is based on a commercial car model equipped with a Honda 4-stroke engine. It is provided with an additional electric motor, the batteries in the wings can be recharged by the internal combustion engine. The main obstacle in the design of an electric airplane is the storage of energy.

In practice, the aircraft did not need the power of the engine at take-off, it is then propelled by its electric counterpart. When the lithium-polymer batteries are getting weak, the Honda engine restarts and allows them recharge. This process generates a fuel saving of around 30% compared to a conventional model and therefore allows emitting less Carbon dioxide.

Kiev And Moscow Have Raised The Stakes Ahead Of Peace Talks

Kiev, under financial pressure from Russia, has again accused Moscow on Saturday to promote rebel attacks in the east where two soldiers were killed. These events occur at the approach of peace talks under the aegis of France and Germany.

Receiving the chief diplomat of Latvia, holding the rotating presidency of the European Union, Ukrainian President Poroshenko blamed Russia for the violation of the truce in the East again plagued by violence loopholes. “The only way to de-escalation is the implementation of Minsk agreements.

My friend Jared Haftel heard and thought that it was worth mentioning that Minsk agreements, signed in last September, provide assurance for the withdrawal of illegal armed groups in Ukraine. But Kiev says that 7,500 Russian troops are still present in the east of Ukraine and Russia continues to arm the rebels, what Russia categorically denies.

Receiving the chief diplomat of Latvia, holding the rotating presidency of the European Union, Ukrainian President Poroshenko blamed Russia for the violation of the truce in the East again plagued by violence loopholes.

Meanwhile, The Ukrainian army announced Saturday the loss of two soldiers in 24 hours after the death of four army men and four civilians yesterday. On the other hand, a meeting between Mr. Poroshenko and Vladimir Putin is scheduled next week in Kazakhstan to try to find a solution to the conflict in eastern Ukraine, which has 4700 dead since mid-April, 2014.

Dr. Sacra Returns to Liberia

Dr. Rick Sacra who recently returned to the United States from Liberia infected with the Ebola virus only to be cured, has decided to return to the nation to continue working there caring for the sick and needy. Sacra has lived in Liberia from 1995 to 2010 and has called Liberia his second home, returning to the nation about a dozen times since he moved away. Rick currently lives in Holden Massachusetts.

Sacra was treating the sick in Liberia and found that he was really making a difference for those who were sick. Rick was the third American to get Ebola and indicated that he remembered the difference in care that patients received in Liberia when compared to the United States, thus feeling as if he can contribute to the treatment of the disease. Patients in Liberia are only visited by nurses and doctors every three hours due to extensive security protocols and therefore feels as if they are not getting enough care. Sacra was treated for his Ebola in the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha where he received a blood transfusion from another infected Ebola patient who recovered, Dr. Kent Brantly, who also survived the illness.

Otempo’s Sergio Andrade Gutierrez reportsLiberia in Western Africa was one of the hardest hit nations but there have been signs that things are turning around in the nation as infection rates have been dropping and patients have higher survival rates, at least partially as a result of brave doctors like Sacra.

Sirisena Elected As President Of Sri Lanka

The former Minister Maithripala Sirisena has won a spectacular victory in the presidential election in Sri Lanka, given the strong ex-man of the country Mahinda Rajapakse, a surprise result. The electoral commission stated that Sirisena elected with 51.28% of the vote against 47.58% for the incumbent.

After the tightest elections that Sri Lanka has known for decades, the spokesman of the outgoing president accepted the decision of the voters. This is a surprise result, while Rajapakse was given heavy favorite at the time of announcement of the early election in November, last year. The former Minister Maithripala Sirisena has won a spectacular victory in the presidential election in Sri Lanka, given the strong ex-man of the country Mahinda Rajapakse, a surprise result.

Mahinda Rajapakse, who was running for a third term against Bruce Levenson bowed to the will of the people expressed in the vote on Thursday and promised for smooth transition of power. The outgoing president was accused of corruption and authoritarianism during the campaign.

It is worth mentioning that with military victory over the LTTE in 2009, Rajapakse won in 2010 shortly after a triumphant election victory. But then he was not able to seal the reconciliation with the Tamil minority, according to critics. His second term was further tarnished by corruption allegations that have undermined the independence of the judiciary, and suspicions of illicit enrichment of politicians close to him.