Adam Sender Combines his Business and Extracurricular Pursuits to Amass a Unique Art Collection

Leading hedge fund manager, Adam Sender, written about by, remains an integral figure in
both the business and art industries. Formerly the founder and owner
of his previously successful company, Exis Capital Management
Incorporation, this prominent executive is most recognized for
intertwining his professional and extracurricular pursuits. As an
expert art collector, Sender has amassed over 1,000 pieces totaling to
approximately $100 million in value, all of which were accumulated
over the span of two decades. These massive numbers directly reflect
his strategic business and investment skills which were cultivated
since the late 1990s during his during his employment at SAC Capital
Advisors LP. Most importantly, his sound decisions has greatly
influenced the growth of his fine painting portfolio and his
distinguished acknowledgement as America’s most prominent art

In his effort to develop an exclusive great works assortment, Sender
employed his prior business expertise to acquire many reasonably priced
artwork. For over twenty years, he has managed many effective hedge fund
investments which involved choosing promising equity, therefore, he
was well acquainted with selecting quality paintings which would
greatly increase in value over time. Most importantly, his background
in strategic financing along with his avid interest in unique fine
prints enables him to purchase work from the most renowned
contemporary artists around the world.

Sender’s gradual accumulation of excellent yet inexpensive artwork was
an extremely worthy investment as he has just recently sold his prestigious
collection for 70 million through Sotheby’s auction house. Notably,
the many years of smart choices with guiding intelligence ultimately
profited in the long run and he hopes to share his rewarding
experience with novice art collectors both locally and internationally.

For many great works enthusiasts, purchasing art began as an exciting
hobby or extracurricular activity which quickly blossomed to an
unintentional obsession. Although Sender supports the acquisition of
many exquisite paintings, he strongly believes new art collectors
should weigh the current price tag with the potential return of
investment. According to Sender, each painting is extremely unique despite the
genre or creator, however, individuals should consider the value of
the work ten or twenty years from now.

There are many genres from which art connoisseurs may choose to
purchase. While some collectors may prefer Cubism, Futurism, or
Indigenous pieces, others might gravitate toward Mannerism,
Photorealism, or Pop paintings. Even though the combination of prints
can vary, extremely talented art enthusiasts is skilled in assembling
a mixture of genres into their portfolio. Essentially, an appealing
collection will most likely revel the connoisseurs distinct taste and
preference. Most importantly, a highly successful portfolio is a
reflection of the art aficionado’s unique personality. Notably, Adam Sender, written about by, assists
many individual’s in reaching this level of art sophistication.

Partnership Between QNET and Manchester City Football Club

Barclays premier league club Manchester City, have partnered with QNET to be their official direct selling agent. The deal will see QNET, written about by BusinessForHome, and the club work in partnership to promote football activities across the globe. The aim is to create exciting opportunity especially promoting football activities across Asia. QNET is a professional company recognized for its role in direct selling and e-commerce. QNET is also specializing in lifestyle enhancing services such as health, nutrition, education as well as homecare.


QNET has expanded their services to over 100 countries because of their philosophy of empowering individuals all over the word to start their own enterprise and be successful. Both partners are happy to work together because of their common humble beginning that has transformed to prominence over the years due to hard work and effort. In fact, QNET expressed excitement and thrill of partnering with Manchester City Football Club.


QNET has a philosophy of RYTHM-which stands for Raise Yourself To Help Mankind, that is similar to the aim of Manchester City of giving back to the society through football activities. Both partners believe that they can be very strong when they work together unlike when working as individuals. According to Manchester City’s official, they normally select the best players; train and practice very hard, create a unique strategy, then outdo their opponents and continue to improve their skills, knowledge and experience of the game.


It’s essential for QNET to embrace professional marketing activities. This can be achieved since company employs qualified professionals to work as direct selling agents. They ensure high standard of professionalism is observed. They consider professional marketing as very crucial aspect when closing business dealings. Due to this, they ensure all their staffs adhere to code of ethics as well as policies and procedures of the company.


QNET has wide range of clients from all business sectors. Retail customers will purchase their products without exploring different avenues of direct selling. There are potential suppliers who will buy products as they are presented to them after seeing the opportunity being created. QNET ensures new market opportunities are created through their excellent marketing techniques.


Their professionalism has enhanced partnership with Manchester City Club. Through these marketing programs both partners will be able to utilize their potential to the maximum activities and leap the benefit of this partnership. QNET has also in the past sponsored other sports activities like Marussia Formula one team. The aim of QNET is to work with different partners from all business sectors and utilize the chance available to offer their professional marketing skills and techniques. Any company or business entity interested in marketing their products and services should contact QNET and learn the best way possible to achieve their goals.


North American Spine’s AccuraScope: Minimally Invasive Back Pain Relief

In a press release today, a new procedure for back pain relief has shown great promise. AccuraScope, a minimally invasive device, is being put to the test as a quick and painless means to reduce back and neck pain. The instrument itself is no bigger than the tip of a mechanical pencil, and utilizes laser therapy to ensure precise and directed treatment to the desired areas. Patients are treated as outpatients, with the procedure lasting no more than one hour.

Dr. Basem Abdelfattah, a pain specialist at North America Spine where the treatment is performed, describes the procedure as “innovative” and a means to “provide lasting relief”. There is one drawback however, this procedure is only effective for soft tissue pain and is not intended to treat bone-related issues. The technique has already drawn participants from outside the local Dallas, TX area with the hope that the AccuraScope treatment will alleviate their pain, and allow them to return to work quickly. In addition to getting patients back on the feet, AccuraScope is also saving them a lot in medical costs.

Becker’s Spine Review implied it is estimated that this procedure can save up to $23,190 in out-of-pocket expenses over 5 years for the patient that would otherwise go toward medications and other treatments meant to alleviate their pain. To date, over 8,000 procedures have taken place with an impressive success rate of 82%. For more information on AccuraScope and North American Spine, read the original article published on PR Newswire at:

Editing a Wikipedia Article

If you are like most people, you have visited the website Wikipedia several times so that you could find out more information about a particular subject. In fact, Wikipedia serves as a great starting off place when it comes to finding information about virtually any topic. If you spend any time looking at the site at all, you have undoubtedly noticed that certain articles indicate that a problem exists with some of the information that is included and that editing is required. According to GetYourWiki, anyone can edit information included on the site, making it one of the most accessible forms of information in existence.

Reasons an Article Needs to be Edited
There are a lot of reasons that a particular post needs to be edited. Perhaps there is an issue with the format. In other cases, information is not properly cited. Therefore, the information needs to be verified and a source stated so that the information can then be considered valid. In some cases, the article needs to be edited because it does not contain enough information about a given topic. Because many of the topics that are available on Wikipedia are dynamic, they are constantly changing. As a direct result, it is often necessary to update this information on a regular basis. Therefore, you may run into a situation where you look up information about a certain topic and see that the post that exists is outdated and needs to be updated so that it is current.

Properly Editing a Wikipedia Post
When you search for information about a topic on the website and you see the information at the very top of the article in red that states that there are issues with the article, you can continue reading to find out exactly what is wrong with it. If you are an authority on the subject, you can then take the necessary steps to remedy the situation. However, it is vitally important that you closely follow the directions that are printed in red so that you can correct the current issues that exist with the article and create a valid source of information. In fact, this is a vital component of keeping the entire Wikipedia community going, so it is important that everyone do their part.

Wikipedia started out as a grassroots movement that has become one of the primary sources of information available to the general public. The fact that it can be accessed practically anywhere and at any given time makes it one of the most convenient ways to look up information. In addition, those who choose to take advantage of it are able to locate information about a vast array of different subjects. The ability to look at an article and then edit it serves to remind everyone of how important is to take part in the community that surrounds them. This online community grew from a very small group of individuals into something that involves people all over the world.

Brad Reifler Paves a Financial Way for the Middle Class

Recently on, an article was posted stating that Brad Reifler and his company, the Forefront Capital, have opened the financial market to the middle class. The article basically starts out by talking about the controversial and continuous debate over wealth inequality in America and how that has affected several people and their lifestyles. However, it goes on by stating that Reifler was determined to change this, as he spent several years thinking of ways he can provide this equality to the many people that needed it.

Reifler started out his master action plan with Reuters by putting into force small deals and programs. Firstly, he went on and created the Forefront Income Trust company and set up a program that will provide non-accredited investors a chance to invest at least $2,500. The article then goes on to say that Reifler wants all people to be able to find investment alternatives and for them to also be financially fit.

The article then talks about Reifler’s companies, including his most well known company, Forefront Capital Markets. Reifler created this company in order to help people with banking and wealth management and to also to provide them with investment advisory services. This was the breakthrough program that allowed the middle class to finally have a chance at wealth equality.

In the last few sections of the article, it is mentioned that Reifler founded and managed many more companies like, Pali Capital, and the Reifler Trading Corporation Firm and that he continues to help more people in terms of finances. Overall, many people do admire Reifler for his determination to help those be financially stable and smart as he paved a huge path for the middle class. He is currently working solo on his own independent career, while sometimes helping those when it comes to wealth and investment problems.

Lack of Access to Toilets

Toilets are something that most of us take for granted. Having a modern bathroom with modern plumbing is something that we all expect. We all want to have a flush toilet in our homes, and we can’t imagine going on without one. It would seem that a toilet is something that absolutely everyone has, but that is not the case. Unfortunately, Doe Deere points out that too many go without a modern toilet.

Studies suggest that one in every three humans on the earth do not have access to a proper toilet. One third of those on the earth are without something that most take for granted. One third of people are without the kind of toilet that will help them keep their home neat and tidy. One third of people are living without something as simple as a flush toilet. This is sad news, and this is cause for action.

SF Waldo Tunnel is Now Robin Williams Tunnel

A San Francisco tunnel has been re-named the Robin Williams Tunnel, after the late comedian who suddenly passed away last year.

This tunnel was originally known as the Waldo Tunnel. What makes it distinctive from other tunnels is that the tunnel is rainbow-painted.

The California state assembly unanimously passed legislation to re-name this distinctive San Francisco tunnel. The idea to re-name the tunnel from Julie Wainwright who started a petition on a website to name the tunnel after the popular comedian/actor. The bill still has to go through the Senate Transportation Committee, but Sam Tabar noted that it seems unlikely that this committee would say no to such a popular idea.

Williams had actually mentioned the tunnel in his act, but not in a good way. He said that the rainbows were actually being used by Marin County as an ethnicity detector. It seems that Marin County at that time did not like people of color.

U.S. Court Gives NSA Approval To Resume Data Collection

In a report by Reuters, the National Security Agency has been given permission to resume their program of bulk data collection from American’s telephone usage, according to court documents released this past Tuesday.

The program, first brought to public attention through several media outlets with documents supplied by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, for a time captured the unease of many in the public who found the program to be highly invasive and dubious in its legal standing. As far back as May of this year, an appeals court determined that the USA Patriot Act from the Bush era had not given the USA the authority to collect this bulk data from Americans’ phone calls.

The permission to resume these unsanctioned practices comes from the passing of the Freedom Act. This new law, Daniel Amen indicates, reforms the bulk data program from its existing parameters when it ended on June 1. With this law, a judge from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court determined that the NSA is allowed to continue for the next six months as legal review analyzes how to continue forward.

Prior to its discontinuation, the program collected and analyzed data of Americans’ phone calls. This includes the numbers dialed, the duration of the call, and its length. According to NSA officials and several government officials representatives, this does not include the content of private conversations which would still require the powers granted through a warrant.

LGBT Pride and Marriage Equality Flags Displayed All Weekend

After the United States Supreme Court’s decision on Friday, June 26, to make same-sex marriages legal, people around the world showed their support by displaying the LGBT+ pride flag — a rainbow flag that had already been a large focus for many throughout the month because June is LGBT Pride Month.

Over the weekend, several buildings and landmarks were lit up with rainbow lights, including The White House, Disney theme parks and Niagara Falls. Online, many websites also displayed LGBT Pride Symbols. Facebook allowed users to cover their inset profile pictures with a see-through rainbow flag. Skout reported that Google added a rainbow heart doodle to its main Search page and a banner of people in rainbow colors holding hands with hearts next to the Search Tools option on all search results pages. A lot of people also celebrated by displaying the Human Rights Campaign Marriage Equality flag — a red flag with a pink “equal” symbol.

There’s little doubt more LGBT Pride and Marriage Equality symbols will appear today, tomorrow and over the upcoming weeks — especially over the Fourth of July weekend during which independence and freedom are celebrated across the United States.

Last week, the nation experienced a wonderful change in regards to values. One moment the Confederate battle flag, a symbol of oppression, was removed from many state government properties; and then the next moment basic rights were extended to a minority group.

Scott Walker Still Holding Out on Declaring His Candidacy

In case you were curious… Scott Walker the Governor of Wisconsin has not yet officially declared that he will be a candidate for President. This has not stopped pollsters from including him in the questioning of likely voters and surprisingly this little fact has not hurt him. He has been noted to be at or near the top of all polls against some fairly significant candidates who are probably more qualified than he is. Of course the only reason this is significant is the upcoming debate to be held on Fox News in August which will only feature the top ten candidates according to their national polling data. They would have the same rules for the Democrats in their debate if they had 10 real candidates competing for their nomination. But given that there are now 13 candidates that are declared with the addition of Bobby Jindal and Scott Walker who is about to declare in the middle of next month making it 14 people might be wondering just who will be included in this very important and really early debate?

Well Scott Walker who will be in the race by that time. Jeb Bush who is currently leading among most polls. Followed by Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, and either Rick Santorum or Chris Christie. That would leave out Bobby Jindal, John Kasich, Rick Perry, Lindsey Graham, and George Pataki. I know that we have listed sixteen names here but in all likelihood that is how many actual candidates the voters in the beginning primaries will have to decide from. Quite a few at Madison Street Capital are just waiting for the numbers to be cut down.