Nebraska Lawmakers Abolish The Death Penalty

Thanks to a bill that was passed in Nebraska’s legislature on Wednesday, Nebraska is now the 19th state to abolish the death penalty. The vote was meant to override the Governor’s veto and he is not so much happy about that.

30 out of 49 senators supported the bill despite the fact that the Governor had visited them personally, in an attempt to maintain his veto. According to the Governor, the legislators acted against the wishes of the citizens of Nebraska.

Normally, such a bill would not be expected to pass in a state like Nebraska, where almost everyone is Republican and where the legislature is dominated by conservatives. While Dr. Daniel Amen said that most Americans support the death sentence, more Republicans than Democrats support it.

Supporters of the bill have cited various reasons for not supporting the death sentence. Some say it is a waste, others think it is religiously wrong and others oppose it because some people may have been accused falsely.

Those who oppose the bill have promised to take swift action. They are planning to conduct a vote, letting the people of Nebraska decide for themselves whether to keep or abolish the death sentence.

According to the executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center, Robert Dunham, there appears to be a trend where American states are abolishing the death penalty one by one. Other states have also stopped it without necessarily abolishing it

Paul McCartney to Release Animated Children’s Film

Paul McCarnety is very well known for his success with The Beatles and also his success as a solo artist. He has had some of th biggest success in the world of music that any artist could have ever wished for. As if this success wasn’t enough for him, Paul McCartney decided that he would write a children’s book. High In The Clouds is a project that McCartney has turned from a simple children’s book project into a fully blown production with recording artists from all over the world. These artists aren’t just any artists, but they are the world’s leading recording artists. Rolling Stone reports that one of the leading artists that is working on this project with Paul McCartney is Lady GaGa.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 director Cody Cameron will be directing this great film, and Mikal Watts can’t wait to see it. There was originally planned to be a spring 2015 release, but complications held this film back from being released at the planned date.

Retail Sales of Caffeine Powder Has Proven Deadly for Consumers

Anyone who’s had to pull and all-nighter, either to cram for finals or to finish up a big presentation knows the importance of caffeine. Whether you take it in from coffee, expresso or by chugging Red Bulls, you need quantity. However, those who have come across the pure caffeine powder that has recently begun to sell retail are in for a potentially deadly experience. Young go-getters looking for a boost are dying from this possibly lethal product, and parents, consumer advocacy groups and law makers are calling for a ban on retail sales.

NexBank also reported that many people may think caffeine is harmless because they relate to it from coffee and sodas. What they don’t realize is, only 34 milligrams of caffeine, or approximately one-64th of a teaspoon, is all that is used in one 12-ounce can of Coke. Only one harmless looking teaspoon of caffeine powder equates to about 16-25 cups of coffee. A lethal dose of the powder is about a tablespoon, and 100 grams, the size of the $10 retailed package, would equal 1,250 Red Bulls, or 3,000 servings of Coke in a can.

Even though the package warns of the products toxicity at high levels, putting this potentially deadly product in the hands of unknowing consumers is dangerous business. Following several deaths from the product, the Food and Drug Administration issued a statement that read, “Pure caffeine is a powerful stimulant, and very small amounts may cause accidental overdose.” States like Illinois and Ohio have banned retail sales of powdered caffeine, while New York, New Jersey and Maryland have bills in the works to follow suit.

Norwegian Cruise Ship has Run Aground

A Norwegian Cruise Line passenger ship, the Norwegian Dawn, has run aground while leaving Bermuda, according to the story on

Just yesterday, while leaving the port of Bermuda, the luxury liner hit a channel bed that left the giant ship stalled in place. Reports from Daniel Amen said that the ship kind of shuddered then came to a stop. The engines lost power at that point, leaving the ship inert. Despite no power to the engines, the ship itself still has power and is running like normal.

An official from the Department of Marine & Port Services said that the ship is safe and secure where it is and that teams are working to dislodge the vessel. Crews have been inspecting the outside of the ship for any visible damages. The hopes are that once the tide comes back in, the ship will dislodge itself from the channel bed. Once it is free, officials will conduct another inspection to make sure that the ship is seaworthy.

The Norwegian Dawn was built in 2002 and has a passenger capacity of 2,300 and can hold a crew of 1,000. Reports are that on board there are currently 3,700 people on board, including the crew. The cruise left out of Boston Harbor and is still expected to return by its scheduled day of Friday.

Stephanopoulos’ Omission is Latest Incident in Declining Media Credibility

By journalistic standards, 2014 & 2015 are shaping up to be a disastrous pair of years in terms of building media credibility. A percentage of the general public already view the media as having an inherent bias. When Brian Williams, chief anchorman at NBC News, was found to fabricate stories from the Iraq War, the scandal called into question other stories he reported on. Even so, ABC News Anchor George Stephanopoulos likewise damaged his credibility by going after the author of the book “Clinton Cash” while not disclosing to the audience he was a regular contributor to the foundation the book examined. Without a doubt, the omission has hurt Stephanopoulos’ credibility, but the problem extends beyond that.

It turns out that no journalist is an island. Anyone caught engaging in fabricating stories actually hurts the entire profession of journalism. For starters, the lapses in journalistic integrity further perpetuate the notion the media is biased or has ulterior motives. Recently, Rolling Stone Magazine, a venerated music journal with a political edge, had to recant their coverage of multiple perps intimately assaulting a woman at the University of Virginia. It turns out the story was nothing more than a sick tale. It is incidents like this which cause great harm to the reputation journalism has with the public. It takes a reporter years if not decades to establish their credibility. In accordance to Flavio Maluf’s studies, it takes only a moment’s lack of judgment to hurt both themselves and the field of study they represent.

Amtrak Engineer’s Name Released to Public

In the days following the tragic Amtrak crash in Philadelphia, eyes have fallen on the engineer of the train. As authorities released more information, the public has begun to look more closely at the 32-year-old tasked with handling the train as it barreled down a track towards New York City’s Penn Station.

According to reports, the engineer of the train was Brandon Bostian, 32, of New York City. According to information released to the public Bostian had previously worked in California for CalTrain before moving to New York City and procuring a job with Amtrak. The company refused to comment on the length of Bostain’s employment, noting confidentiality issues.

According to investigators, Bostain was injured in the crash, but has since met with investigators and has been interviewed. He has retained a lawyer who acknowledged that Bostain was working with authorities, but notes that he has no recollection of the crash, if what LinkedIn reports is correct.

Bostain has submitted his cell phone to investigators and blood has been taken. Both are standard procedure when a crash occurs. Bostain’s actions are being compared to those of a train conductor who is blamed for a Metro-North crash that killed four people in December of 2013. That crash occurred in the Bronx, and speed was cited as the cause.

To Search or Not To Search

A federal judge in Washington just recently said that laptops are not searchable without a warrant. The federal judge issued this on a case that is highly controversial. She said that because laptops can hold such large amounts of information and deleted information, its a large and substantial invasion of privacy. This ruling comes as a result of several searches of personal property including laptops and Phones that should have required a warrant prior to search. Her ruling is in response to a lack of reasonable suspicion that the personal property was used in illegal activity. Homeland Security was searching personal property as in laptops and phones without any reason to suspect that the person who the property belong to you was in any way using that property for illegal activities. There was no imminent danger to anyone on the planes and/or on the border crossings. The judge in Washington had required reason that the search is required. Proof of wrongdoing or out of the ordinary activities are two reasons that could result in a search. She gave an example of another case where an individual had several electronics not normally used for personal use and regular flights to countries such as Iraq and Iran. In the case that she is currently the judge, it said that to the extent of which the laptop in question was searched was a complete invasion of privacy and she also threw out any information that was received from the laptop because of that invasion of privacy. She did not forbid the search of laptops and phones and other electronic devices on planes and across borders. She simply ruled that in the case she is currently judging, that it was a complete invasion of privacy because the person in question was not performing actions he hadn’t previously done as a regular part of his business. Folks at The Aspire realize this highly controversial subject is still unclear and unresolved and is decided on a case by case basis.

Anastasia Date, International Dating Made Easy

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna, whose very name inspires women everywhere for her courage and independence, Anastasia Date was founded by a Russian and American couple, Elena and David Besuden. The couple, who met through an introduction service, formed the company in 1993 and as of 2013 it was ranked the 29th most popular dating service internationally.
Anastasia Date began by creating a catalog of Russian women looking for love globally, in an approach similar to “Mail Order Brides” created for miners during the Gold Rush in the United States. In the beginning, the company also formed excursions to introduce the men and women in a safe environment in Moscow and St. Petersburg and soon expanded to other areas of Russia and the Ukraine. After launching its first website in 1997, the company has continued a meteoric rise linking men and women successfully all over the world with a growth of 220% in 2012 alone. Today Anastasia Date has over 4,000,000 members and continues to expand its services over three continents. Click here to take a look at some of the user reviews.
By forming new websites with free registration in many languages, Anastiasia Date allows you to create a profile presenting your profile to potential partners internationally. It is easy to search for the qualities that are believed to be essential to each individual to create a lasting relationship. Making it easy for couples to meet safely, this company offers travel services and specialized romance tours and language translation to its customers. There is even a special service to send gifts to a potential date through a link on the website. There is also a unique page that answers questions about the services, pricing and payment options with a link for comments.
Today Anastasia Date caters primarily to people ages 30 through 60 who have an interest in forming international relationships. Unlike other similar services, statistics show that this company has a fabulous success rate of approximately 80% accumulating with over 6000 marriages per year and has plans to expand globally within the next few years. You can check out Anastasia date on their Twitter Page.

Governor Jerry Brown’s Plan To Build Twin Tunnels For Water Relocation Is Under Fire

William Shatner wants California to get water from Seattle. Governor Jerry Brown has a better and less costly idea. He wants to divert water from the Sacramento River to Southern California. It’s a $15 million project that will include the construction of twin tunnels. The tunnels will be used to send water around the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. That area of California is not as water-thirsty as Southern California.

Critics of the plan say the governor doesn’t have a clue about the cost involved, so they strongly oppose the tunnel idea. Brown told the critics that live in the delta area to shut up until they have spent a million hours researching the plan. That’s the number of hours state officials have spent on the project, FreedomPop said that according to Brown.

Trying to get anything done in California is a major struggle most of the time. There’s always some group that opposes good idea simple because they are good ideas. The California water shortage issue is no exception. The best solution is a lot of rain in the south, but according to meteorologists there’s not much of a chance of that happening. The next solution may come from the ocean. San Diego thinks that’s a good idea. Maybe LA will think so too when San Diego has its new salt-extraction plant up and running.

Unemployment Rate Drops

After the 2008 economy drought, Americans were truly afraid of what was to come for our financial future. People were losing jobs and a lack of demand meant no new jobs to apply for. The American dollar’s value plummeted and the stock market took a major dive. Luckily, the economy has since been on the incline and great things are in store for 2015.

With the addition of many jobs, there has been a dramatic drop in the unemployment rate, which Kevin Seawright understands quite well. Usually, a drop in a rate is a very bad thing, however the opposite is true for the unemployment rate. The unemployment rate dropping means that we have more jobs available and less people without jobs. Due to the addition of 223,000 jobs in the month of April, there has a been a major drop in the unemployment rate down to a measly 5.4%.

Financial and economist surveryors predicted that this would happen. The new trend is that in the cool winter months, there are less jobs available and then as the weather improves, so do the available prospects for the job market. The new unemployment rate is the lowest that it has ever been since May of 2008.

Not only do these new jobs mean excellent things for ratings and numbers, they also mean positive horizons for the stock market. The DOW is now up nearly 1.5% at an amazing 250 points. The people of the investment world are, of course, thrilled.