Vijay Eswaran Remains At the Top of the List of Online Motivators

People that want to get motivated do not always have to get access to someone that is personally in their lives. There are a lot of motivators like Vijay Eswaran that can actually motivate people that he has never even seen. This is the great thing about social media and eBooks. People can discover new authors and speakers without being fully vested into what these people do. Vijay Eswaran is one such person. I didn’t know much about his company or anything that he did for a profession, but he certainly has been very motivational.

I use Twitter, and Vijay Eswaran has been a source of positive quotes and inspiration through his tweets. This is such an awesome way to start my day. There are all types of ways to engage people and inspire them, and this is just a small portion of what Eswaran does. He has had so many tweets that I decided to look and see if he had a book. It was to my surprise that he has several books that were available. He has books on Amazon that were even more inspiring than the tweets that he has sent out. I feel like he has completely transformed himself from a no name entrepreneur in Asia into one of the wealthiest. There is strength in Vijay Eswaran that is shown through his dedication to excel in his field. He has been able to master many different areas of business, but he has become the expert in leading his team in direct selling. This is what he does right now, and he has become quite masterful in this.

I would follow the advice that Vijay Eswaran has given even if I was not one of this employees. This is how I know that he is providing superior knowledge. There are some leaders that can lead within their organization, but they do not have principles that apply outside of their company. Vijay Eswaran, however, has given listeners of his speeches and readers of his books universal truths that apply to work. These are also truths that apply to life outside of work. I have found this refreshing because so many people that are in a CEO position have a pigeonholed mentality. They can only give advice inside of the workplace. Vijay Eswaran has been able to help people build better lives by inspiring them inside and outside of the workplace.

Vijay Eswaran has thousands of Twitter followers. I discovered him through Twitter, and I have continued to follow him. He also has great quotes. I am especially fond of his quote where he states that nothing that you do benefits anyone else. His statements are always profound insights. Posted on

CSC Continues To Grow It’s Contracts Business

The first part of 21st Century will be remembered in Redondo Beach as the era in which CSC stopped trying to be acquired by Hewlett-Packard and instead expanded even further as a key government contractor.

They started out well by landing the San Diego County IT contract, a difficult assignment because it involved replacing an entrenched team of public employees that did not have much incentive to help CSC workers move forward. Despite several challenges, they managed to eventually fulfill their client’s expectations, something that was not lost on observers with the federal government. Fortuitously enough, the Homeland Security contract was put out for bid the following year, and CSC was able to use their experience with San Diego County to win the master agreement, something that they have held onto now for quite some time.

When it comes to federal contracting, experience without foulups begets more experience, a model that came to typify CSC’s experience in that realm. Most recently, they ended up working with the State department, doing IT work in embassies and consulates around the world.

They also have remained strong on the private side. Instead of bowing to foreign competition, they have been at the forefront of firms that have managed to weather the global storm- and then make inroads when the bloom came off the offshoring model.

The contracts that they have with private customers are now so complex that they have got into the business of purchasing other software companies in order to fulfill the obligations that they will have in the future.

One good example of this is the partnership that they created with Eric Pulier after they determined that they would need to purchase his latest venture in order to move forward. Eric has a legendary presence when it comes to creating innovative firms that continue to maintain their value after he moves onto the next project. His programs that were designed for children with debilitating diseases have been used for years in hospitals. Their design holds the interest of patients and helps them to learn how they can understand their disease and have a lifestyle that will minimize its impact on their future life. He’s also written this book.

With CSC, Eric helped shepherd the sale of his company to them, ensuring that they could use the technology that they were purchasing in the way that they sought to. CSC was then able to use the technology to help its clients immediately after closing the sale.

There is limited space in the contracting and private business IT marketplace for consulting firms. With the moves that is made thus far in the past 15 years, CSC has shown that it will be a major player in the decades to come.

BRL Trust Executives Say Brazil’s Economy Has Slowed Down But Investment Opportunities Are Still Growing

Brazil is not having a great year. The president of the country is facing a disgruntled group of middle-class voters, China has cut Brazilian exports, and one of the largest states in Brazil has defaulted on a $81 million payment to the federal government. That is Rio Grande do Sul first default since the 1997 meltdown. Rio Grande do Sul didn’t have enough money to pay its public workers in July. BRL Trust is used to government issues, and the company has an investment strategy in place to keep investors safe from the frequent government financial meltdowns. The three executives of BRL Trust, Mauricio Ribeiro, Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes and Rodrigo Cavalcante have years of experience, and they know where to invest and what investments could be trouble because of Brazil’s internal issues.

BRL Trust’s co-founder, Mauricio Ribeiro, thinks local Brazilian governments have financial stress because of an ongoing recession, and the fact that it is hard to get financing. President Dilma Rousseff’s corruption investigations and impeachment issues are not helping the state’s either, according to Ribeiro. Ribeiro said that one problem after another is hurting the states in Brazil. States have to govern without the support of the federal government, and that’s not easy. Ribeiro also said that BRL Trust clients are not feeling the impact of these government issues because the company has a diversified investment strategy.

The states of Mato Grosso do Sul and Sergipe are delaying payments to the federal government, and that means internal debt has reached 12 percent of Brazil’s total economy. That is not good news for investors, but Brazil investor-grade credit rating has not changed because of the debt. But Brazil’s bond market borrowing costs have skyrocketed, according to Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes, BRL Trust’s chief financial officer. Check out their PDF on

BRL Trust is still the number one investment firm in Brazil. The company knows how to maneuver in situations that look bleak to some investors. Thanks to BRL Trust’s diversification strategy clients are still investing in Brazil. Government change is a given in any sound Brazilian investment strategy.

The Amazing Success of Qnet

When you think of companies that operate online there are quite a few industry giants that come to mind. Companies like Amazon and eBay are great companies that have really set the bar for how companies should conduct their business online. When it comes to direct selling companies online, Qnet is one online company that is really setting the bar high for all of its competitors across the board. This company has crossed cultural barriers and really been able to bring amazing products to individuals in many different countries. The future of Qnet looks very bright as it works its way into the future of e-commerce.

Qnet is also very helpful when it comes to helping nations grow their economy around the world. The global head of production has been moved into the heart of India giving this nation many new jobs and new revenue streams. It is great to see companies like Qnet really raising economies around the world with their incredible products and services. This companies has really taken off over the last years and continues to provide individuals all over the world with great income opportunities. Check out QNet’s app in the Google play store.

Even though the direct selling industry may be going through a rough patch Qnet is confident that they will be able to weather through these more difficult times. The leadership of Qnet is confident that there are many more individuals who are willing to participate in the world of direct selling and really succeed in this industry. There are many different reasons why Qnet can really succeed in these harder times. Companies like Qnet aren’t even phased by the tightened regulations that are being imposed on the direct selling industry. Their steadfast hold to ethics and values make them a company that is really never even effected by tightened regulations in the industry.

QNET welcomes regulations in India

Officials of the QNET company are welcoming proposed legislation to govern the direct selling business in India, according to an article in the Times of India.

QNET is a company that does business all over the world, and is in the direct selling business, which is also called multi level marketing. Zaheer Merchant, international director of corporate affairs for QNET said there are misconceptions about the overall industry, and regulations would be a good thing. Company officials want to avoid being lumped in with similar type businesses that it feels give the business a bad reputation. Being part of creating rules would also give them some input into how rules are developed and enforced.

He said the company would welcome “clear cut laws to govern the MLM and direct selling industry in India which has been generating large scale self-employment and contributing to the exchequer.”

In light of the company’s growth in India, the nation has set up an official group to investigate the business and its impact on people an the economy.
Other nations such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Singapore have already set up regulations for this type of business.

Marchant said his company has confidence the government will consider all aspects of the business and come up with a plan that is fair to all concerned. He said the company would cooperate and help in any way it could. He added that having a person overseeing the industry would be helpful to companies running this type of business.

The company has become popular in India. The company was shut down in 2009, but has repaired relations and is now thriving. So much so that in 2013 it announced it would be moving its manufacturing operations to India.

QNET is based in Hong Kong, and sells a wide variety of products, such as weight control, nutrition, personal care, luxury and fashion accessories. The company relies on people to sell its product, and for those people to recruit others to sell it as well. Representatives earn money on their sales, as well as the sales of those they have recruited to sell products offered by QNET. QNet is a well known international marketing firm.

The company has grown rapidly since it was founded by Vijay Eswaran in 1998 in Hong Kong. QNET has operations around the world. There are many offices in Asia, but there are also operations in India, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Iran and Turkey.

The company started out in the numismatic coin business. In 2002 it expanded to include travel and vacations. It further expanded in 2005 into energy, health and nutrition products. Since then it has added luxury items such as swatches, It has also moved into some organic health food products.

Eric Pulier is changing the world of business

Technology is having an enormous impact on the world of business. People all over the world are utilizing technology everyday to improve their day to day life, and this technology can take a wide variety of different forms. The technology sector of the business community has several important leaders that are changing the way that people think about possibilities. One of the most important people in the world of technology today is Eric Pulier.
Eric Pulier got his start in technology as an extremely young child. He was naturally drawn to technology from birth, and he was always looking to work with computers. When he was in fifth grade he started utilizing programming languages in order to learn more about the technology around him. Throughout his high school years he was thought of as extremely bright by both his teachers and his fellow students. After graduating towards the top of his class he headed to Harvard, to receive a degree in English. He excelled at Harvard, and he also took several classes at M.I.T. The education that Eric Pulier received allowed him to become one of the brightest minds that the technology industry has ever seen.
After receiving his degree, Eric (Twitter)
worked in the business sector for several years, but eventually he felt drawn to the world of entrepreneurship. He headed out to California and decided to found his first business. The business was named People Doing Things and this company would change the world forever. People Doing Things sought to solve a wide variety of problems throughout the world. One of the biggest problems that the company sought to solve were any issues within the world of education, they also solved to solve any problems throughout the medical field. People Doing Things was an extremely innovative company and it made a major difference in the world of technology.

Eric was viewed as a visionary by his peers, as well as those working in other sectors. This vision allowed him to make connection with a wide variety of different people, and lead him to sit on the President’s technology council. His ability to think outside the box made him a valued name in the industry.
The world of business is constantly changing, and one of the biggest factors that is impacting this industry is technology. One of the visionaries that is impacting this industry today is Eric Pulier, a man who will be critical to the future of technology.

Houston Real Estate Developers Should Talk To Haidar Barbouti

Houston has always had one of the largest and most affordable real estate markets in the country. According to one real estate developer, that is no longer the case. According to Houston developer Mario Negron, houses in the $150,000 – $250,000 are few and far between. “Very few builders are meeting that price point nowadays,” say Negron. One of the top sellers in the Houston-area, Negron makes many appearances on Houston’s Business Journal, which keeps updates on sales volume and customer reviews.

When things were good, Negron and other high performers were able to sell hundreds of homes to first-time buyers every year. In the midst of the oil boom, there are not enough affordable homes to go around, which has in turn caused housing prices to increase. The entire dilemma has had a domino effect. Prices of raw materials are rising and the cost is being passed down to the consumer. According to many real estate experts, builders have simply stopped building houses in a certain price range. Many are concentrating solely on luxury homes so that they can make a tidy profit.

While the are real estate market is floundering, some developers are riding on easy street. Just ask one of Houston’s most successful real estate developers – Haidar Barbouti. He has taken a strip that was built back in the 1940s and made it one of the most successful and profitable shopping centers in all of Texas. Barbouti purchased Highland Village back in 1991. His vision was to bring as many upscale tenants to the center as possible to attract a variety of shoppers.

Barbouti knew he could make it work if he could make his vision a reality. He poured quite a bit of money into Highland Village, updating architecture and adding other amenities such as a parking deck and gardens. He also added established stores including Apple Store, Starbucks, Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn. People have been flocking the for years and the Bartouti couldn’t be more pleased at the outcome. He has plans in the future to open his own restaurant, although he admits he has no experience. Since everything Barbouti touches turns to gold – Why not?

Houston is still awaiting a much needed change. Most forecasters believe it won’t be long before things are set back right. A number of cities have gone through similar changes and were able to get things back in order. One thing in Houston’s favor is the projected job growth, which is expected to grow by 100,000 this year alone. That could be very well all Houston needs.

Preparing For The Change Of Large Business

In today’s turbulent economic times, it is not enough to know basics about finance and corporate structure. To succeed and thrive in today’s volatile business environment, one must be fully armed with a complete arsenal of knowledge and tools, and have the competence to use those tools in the open marketplace.

We have seen over the past ten years an erosion in American business. And because of that, many businesses have suffered or disappeared outright. Major staples into the common market that we would not have suspected succumbed to the changing times. One would not have even thought that companies as large as General Motors could be susceptible to changes in the economy and the way businesses thrives. Yet that businesses, and many more have suffered and disappeared because of changes over the years without warning,

In many cases, proper prognostication was not done, and these entities considered it “business as usual.” Because they were unable to change and adapt to the volatile times and upheavals, they merely disappeared or were radically changed.

Even though those changes took place, they did not have to catch those companies unaware. With a simple understanding that modifications would have to be made in the future to adapt to these changes, these monumental catastrophes could have been avoided.

There are a specialized number of people who have the financial knowledge and wherewithal to make changes and suggest modifications in business setups and structures and produce more streamlined business models that result in higher profits for the entities using them.

There are professionals who make a career out of understanding and modifying business systems for maximum productivity and workflow. Those like Brian Bonar
, who served as the CEO and chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation, and has used his extensive knowledge of business systems and business development for years to help companies such as IBM, STTN, and other companies in the United States and Canada, have that type of special ability and knowledge. Check out Brian Bonar on LinkedIn.

People with extensive knowledge of these aspects like Bonar can help companies achieve higher levels of productivity as well as streamline and modify their work flow and systems. Using years of experience and know-how, these individuals can analyze exactly how businesses operate at the rudimentary levels, make suggestions and modifications, and bring higher profits to the business overall.

Businesses are always a challenge, and large businesses may have problems that cannot be solved with a simple fix. Often times, there are many aspects of the large business to consider before even the slightest changes can be made. In situations like that, it is usually advantageous for larger companies to employ individuals with specialized knowledge on how large businesses flow and function.

BRL Trust: Propelling Brazil Into the Future

Many businesses help make contributions to the community and economy around them. An example of this would be large investment firms. Their ability to take capital and help to reinvest in the community around them makes them an asset to wherever they spring up.

This is the case of BRL Trust. Having been around since 2005, BRL Trust has lasted a lot longer than similar business endeavors have tended to last. It is perhaps even more shocking since BRL Trust is based out of Brazil. Their contributions to Brazil are more measurable than they may seem to many.

First of all, Brazil is not particularly known for economic stability. In fact, it is not known for stability at all. However, Brazil is growing to be more and more stable with the passing of time. This is due in large part to business endeavors like BRL Trust.

You see, BRL Trust markets personalization of investment funds handled through their company. They market the desire to listen to their clients and to answer any questions that the client may have as transparently as possible. In addition, BRL Trust wished to be known for following through on their word with client’s investments. This is new and refreshing in a country that is known for projects getting delayed or even halted due to miscommunication and a massive amount of private and government red tape. Check out their PDF on

BRL Trust put this marketing strategy to the test when they took over the construction of Corinthians Stadium in San Paola. The stadium was to be built for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Stadium. This was BRL Trust’s chance to really put their money where there mouth is, and they succeeded. Not only was the stadium finished on time and on budget, but it was finished with little to no drama. This is rare for Brazil, and it shows how BRL Trust is really building the economy of Brazil. Perhaps this is why BRL Trust is among the fastest growing companies in Brazil and has been since 2005.

Companies like BRL Trust can boost their community anywhere. For Brazil, this was a much needed breath of fresh air. Marketing personal attention and transparent communication with their clients, they have set the bar high for future investment fund companies. In fact, they have set the bar high for all forms of economy in Brazil. They proved this with the successful construction of Corinthians Stadium in San Paola for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It will be interesting to see how BRL Trust propels Brazil into the future.

Strong Women That Have Broken the Glass Ceiling in Business

Despite the constant chatter in the media about gender inequality and the glass ceiling, there are many women in the business world that have made it in a large way. These women are pioneers and examples to women everywhere that it is possible to become the top of an organization or business with enough gumption. For those that are looking for some inspiration here are a few of the top businesswomen in the world and a brief look at how they got there. Glass always shatters if hit correctly, and these women were willing to throw the punch to do it.

When it comes to women in the business place it almost goes without saying that the number one spot belongs to Sheryl Sandberg. She spent four years as the COO of Facebook and helped it complete its IPO valued at $100 billion. This past June she checked another mark off the list when she joined the board of directors for the famed social network. It simply does not get much more impressive than this, and she still spends time reaching out to others and raising a family.

The next woman on the list has been in the business industry for dozens of years: Irene Rosenfeld. As the CEO and chairman of Kraft she has been quite busy managing one of the top North American grocery brands. Outside of its US reach, Kraft also has a huge global snacks arm which she is now busy splitting into two independent companies. Rosenfeld has a long history in business and is known for being shrewd but fair.

Another major woman in business is Susan P. McGalla who founded P3 Executive Consulting LLC. She currently is one of the most well-known consultants in the US and is known for helping clients with a variety of tasks such as talent management, branding, operational efficiency, and dozens of other marketing and managerial tasks. Outside of her job, she is also well known as a motivational speaker who focuses on treating women like professionals and not like ‘women.’ Her goal is to help shift the industry to see women as leaders and skilled professionals and not as women that happened to get successful.

Rounding out the list of top women in business is Indra Nooyi the Chair and CEO of PepsiCo. She has been named one of the most powerful women in the world by Forbes magazine for nine years in a row and as she continues to guide Pepsi towards growth will likely remain so.