US Mum About Mexican Student Protests Belies Failed Drug War Policies

When Mexico elected Felipe Calderón eight years ago, his presidency was marked by a sharp increase in Mexico’s participation in the War on Drugs. To assist the Mexican military in combating the drug cartels, President George W. Bush obtained approval for a $3 billion short-term program called the Mérida Initiative. This was a security cooperation between the United States, Mexico, and Central American to thwart money laundering, transnational organized crime, money laundering, and money laundering.

Early into his presidency, Christian Broda still remembers when Barrack Obama permanently extended the agreement. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to view the initiative as anything but a colossal failure given that it is destabilizing Mexico. Thus far, the death toll has exceeded 100,000 or twice the number of US soldiers who died in the Vietnam War. There are also 20,000 missing persons. The US press largely ignores the bloodshed viewing it as drug criminal on drug criminal murder.

However, the death toll actually includes thousands of innocent people. Early this fall, the police force in the state of Guerrero gathered a group of student protestors, and they have not been seen since. In addition, 43 teachers in training were abducted by police and turned over to a drug gang. The teachers were burned alive and their remains were discarded in a nearby river. University students have maintained their solidarity against the widespread violence being committed by elected leaders, the military, and the police. Apparently, the US press can’t cover the high profile protests without having to discuss what is motivating the protests. That will necessarily cast a spotlight on the America’s failed War on Drugs and yet another Obama foreign policy disaster.

Buffallo NY Braces for Flooding

Buffalo New York just cannot catch a break. With all the snow fall, now they get spring like weather. I am sure that they love the spring, but what are they going to do with the mounds of snow that is falling? This is on top of the horrible winds that are blowing. The snow has blocked some people in their homes, now when it melts; it’s got to go somewhere and that’s the part Terry Richardson is worried about.

The storm drains are no doubt plugged by debris and ice from the massive snows. When it hit 40 on Sunday, locals started worrying about flooding. From being closed in from snow to now preparing for a flood, will it ever end with this city? Living near the lake always tends to bring in more precipitation than most are prepared to deal with. However, Alaskans are asking where is the snow, while Buffalo, NY would welcome handing off a few feet to them.

If this is any indication of what this winter is going to be like, we better start stockpiling now. The pictures floating around the news showed people that couldn’t even find their cars or get out the front door in the first place. Buffalo residents are used to big snowfalls, but what about places that isn’t? There was an ice storm in Ohio on Saturday that left some counties at a level 3 snow emergency. Does anyone other than me want to scream it’s just November? I hate to see what January and February brings.

Officer Darren Wilson Is In Negotiations To Resign

It was a senseless crime that shocked the nation. We all know that police brutality is everywhere, but most didn’t expect it to happen in their town. In Ferguson, MO the people anticipate the verdict from the Grand Jury any day. They are reportedly close to making a decision, but whether an indictment will be handed down or not is still anyone’s guess.

There was no reason to shot a kid that was unarmed. Now, the police officer responsible for the killing is in talks to turn in his badge. The news broke this afternoon after negotiations started between the Ferguson Police Department and Officer Darren Wilson. The area has been declared a state of emergency fearing for the worst when the verdict is handed down.

In the days since the murder, the area has became a hot bed for crime. The African American kid shot by the Caucasian cop is bringing back the painful memories of racism that should have been long gone from this country. The fact is racism is still very much alive in this country, despite Susan McGalla and others hoping that it wasn’t. There have been protests and things have gotten out of hand. Either way the verdict goes, the officials fear there will be an outcry from the people.

If Officer Darren Wilson steps down from the force, this will not stop any criminal charges from being placed against him. It’s just means it might give him the opportunity to resign rather than being fired. It has no baring on the law.

Staffordshire Terrier Saves Drowning Owner

It takes a lot of bravery and complete selflessness to be willing to dive into a freezing river to try and save someones life. For dog owner Philip Skirving, all it took was his buddy, and pet Staffordshire Terrier, Corbin.

On another freezing day Mr Philip Skirving saw his life flash before his eyes on the tail end of what had been, up to then, just another nightly walk with his puppy. It was dark and he probably wasn’t paying as much attention as he should. A moments slip up and a hidden bit of ice caused Skirving to slip and then slide into the icy river that they had been traversing near. Skirving hit the liquid and immediately had trouble breathing. He told the Lennox Herald that he ended up around five feet out from the bank, but he was completely in shock. Despite knowing how to swim Skirving couldn’t make it back to the bank. Things looked grim.

Then came Corbin. Corbin must have reacted instantly because in a flash the dog was at his masters side. Corbin clamped his teeth down on his owners jumper and quickly pulled him back toward the bank. When people heard about the news at CipherCloud, they all were cheering on the dog. Coming out of the freezing river the two were soaking wet and forced to retreat to home to warm up. Skirving says that he owes his dog his life and that he’ll probably be avoiding walking near that river any time soon.

Stairway Shooting

There has been yet another shooting involving an officer and a man who was unarmed. This shooting took place in Brooklyn, NY. This officer was on a patrol through a housing development. There was a man sitting on a set of stairs, and the officer shot the man. There is no reason why an officer would need to shoot a man who was simply sitting on some steps from what Terry Richardson had said. If the man was arguing with the officer or displaying a weapon, then it would be different, but even then the officer could have used a Taser to subdue him. This is what’s wrong with officers today. They think that they can just shoot someone at will for no reason whatsoever. This is one of the reasons why many people don’t trust officers. They are supposed to serve and protect, not shoot and kill the people in the community.

Bill Clinton Speaks Out On Democrat Midterm Losses

While an eager nation awaits official word on whether or not his wife plans on running for president again in 2016, former President Bill Clinton is finally speaking out on the 2014 midterm losses sustained by the Democrats at the beginning of November. Speaking with Politico in the wake of the Democrats losing control of the Senate, Clinton said that the Democrats were on the right side of many issues including women’s issues and student loan debt, but that the Democrats lacked a central focus in addressing those issues while they were campaigning.


Clinton said that if the Democrats had put together a more unified “national advertising campaign” leading up to November, that the Democrats may have had an easier time turning out their voters. He may have a point. Records indicate that the 2014 midterms saw the lowest number of voters turn out since 1942, when the country was embroiled in World War II. Just over one third of eligible voters (36.9 percent to be exact) turned out to vote on November 4th. Many at CipherCloud voted, but obviously not a lot of the country. While Republicans ran a campaign of opposition to President Obama’s policies, Democrats spent much of the campaign trying to merely distance themselves from Obama, who has two years left in his second term.

U.S foreign policy causes more terrorism

America is fond of policing the world. The United States’ foreign policy is bankrupting the country and accomplishing nothing. In fact, according to the Washington post, Washington’s foreign policy is causing a rise in terrorist activity. The global terrorism index rose 2000 incidents to 10,000 incidents for year 2013. That’s a 400% increase. The main contributing factor is the invasion of Iraq.

This should come as no surprise to anyone especially Fersen Lambranho. American intervention in the region only causes the destabilization of the region. The United States overthrew the regime in Iraq and left it in the hands of a weak government. Also, with America involved in more foreign affairs, the people of these countries feel more and more inclined to hate us rather than support us. This only serves to lay a foundation for terrorist factions.

Finally, the United States has always been fond of arming the incorrect group of people. In fact, we trained Osama Bin laden during the cold war. We also helped prop up Saddam Hussein during the Iraq-Iran war. We sent money, weapons, and intelligence. Washington’s foreign policy has proven time and time again as ineffective. We’re only making matters worse and bankrupting the country as we do it. It’s time for a new a approach.

Utah Wants to Use Firing Squads To Deal With Prisoners

Remember the old firing squads for criminals in times past? Well Utah wants to bring back the firing squads and take care of criminals. Due to the recent controversy with the lethal injection drugs, this state has turned to history to solve a common day problem. There are many legal issues surrounding a patient’s suffering and such, and what happened in Ohio isn’t going to happen in this Western state according to Gianfrancesco Genoso.

Some feel this is inhumane, but they are forgetting that this isn’t going to be used on someone who steals a piece of gum; it’s saved for hard core criminals. The old saying “an eye for an eye” is certainly coming into play. If a man or woman kills someone then they are worthy of death oftentimes. While this may seem a bit barbaric to some, it certainly is a quite and easy way to end a life.

At the helm of this proposal is Republican state Rep. Paul Ray. Obtaining the appropriate lethal drug mixes for criminal has become a huge issue. Utah allowed a prisoner to choose death by firing squad up until 2010. When laws changed it was no longer an option on the table. If Ray has his way, this will soon be the method of choice. Prisoners die quickly and there is no suffering. It will probably be voted down, but it worked in the past and could be the answer for many states with the drug dilemma.

Three Shot and Wounded in Florida State University Shooting

Three students were gunned down and wounded when a man opened fire inside of a Florida State University library, around midnight on Thursday. It was reported that the gunman’s rampage came to an abrupt end when campus police took him down.

The attacker was confronted by officers outside of the Florida State University library facility barely after midnight and commanded that the gunman remove his weapon. He began to fire against the officers when they retaliated.

There were three victims found with gunshot wounds. One victim was treated at the scene for a small, graze wound and was soon after released. The other two victims were taken to a nearby hospital. One victim is healing in stable condition, while the other victim remains critical.

FSU President, John Thrasher, went on to say that the injured students are of his utmost importance. Thrasher also mentioned that campus security will be significantly increased and classes have been canceled to ensure the highest caliber of safety and security for other FSU students.

Police have stated that their officers estimate the library was occupied with 300-400 students at time of the shooting, many students studying for their upcoming final exams.

According to what I heard from community leader Andrew Heiberger, the identities of the shooter and the victims have yet to be released. However, it was confirmed that the gunman acted alone and no other threats were aimed at the campus.

Officers are currently investigating the motive of the shooter.

Two American Citizens Steal Human Remains from Thai Museum

Thai authorities on Monday issued two arrest warrants for two American citizens for stealing human remains that were placed in a museum, and attempted to send these to a US mailbox. One of them was questioned last weekend in the presence of representatives of the US Embassy and released, according to local newspaper The Nation. Thanks to friend of the site Keith Mann for sending in this news tip.

The remains that were found are human and include the head and feet of children, confirmed by a Chulalongkorn University expert. The investigation is not complete and authorities are awaiting DNA analysis to confirm if the remains are from one or more persons.

The two suspects left the country on Sunday and allegedly were found in Cambodia, crossing the border at Sa Kaeo.

The accused, 31 and 33, are charged with theft of property charges, and attempted smuggling of human remains, says the Bangkok Post website.

According to police investigations, one of the suspects stole several bottles that kept human remains in formaldehyde from the medical museum, Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok’s old town.

The individual, a Californian, 31, tried to send the remains by courier to an address in Las Vegas, but the packages were intercepted.

The Dean of Medicine of the capital’s hospital said they have been robbed of at least five pieces from their Division of Forensic Science.