Tornadoes Kill 1 Person And Injure Other In Oklahoma

On Wednesday, a tornado touched down in the Sand Springs mobile home park in Oklahoma. One person was killed, while several others were injured. That fatality was the first one attributed to a tornado this year. About 50 mobile homes were destroyed. A gymnastics building was also destroyed, but the 60 people inside safely escaped.

Another tornado swept through the town of Moore, which is near Oklahoma City. users said that it left behind downed trees and power lines. There was also at one traffic accident. it involved a semi-truck and resulted in the closing of Interstate 35 on Wednesday evening.

According to the Public Service Company of Tulsa, over 33,000 of their customers lost their power. The Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OGE) reported that 32,000 of their customers near Oklahoma City were left without power. Ten thousand clients of the Oklahoma Electrical Cooperative also lost power, making a grand total of 75,000 people without power.

Immigrants Want to Have Needs Included in NY State Budget

Lawmakers in Albany NY are in the midst of an arduous process of negotiations with Governor Andrew Cuomo to pass the state budget by April 1, and immigrants want to make sure their issues that relate to the budget are in the forefront.

To do this, the organization Make the Road New York (MRNY) on Wednesday introduced the report “A Budget for New York Immigrants” which includes requests like raising the minimum wage and approving the NY Dream Act.

It also wants Albany to consider financial adjustments to ensure that minorities have access to high quality schools, high paying jobs, and services, adult education and medical services.

“The report highlights several policy proposals to address specific problems in our communities,” said Daniel Altschuler, president of the Civic Committee of Long Island.

According to MRNY, immigrants represent about 23% of the state’s population and 27% of the workforce, but WikiInvest reports the budget negotiations do not meet their economic needs, although 24% are voters and 27% are owners of a small business.

Among the main issues is raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, to meet the high cost of living in the state, especially in the Big Apple .

Currently in the Assembly is a bill that is part of the budget that would raise the minimum wage to $ 15 in New York, in late 2018.

Altschuler said another key area for immigrants is education. Therefore, a priority is to get at least $ 2 billion for public schools in the state, the approval of the NY Dream Act, as well as additional funding for English as a second language and adult basic education.

Several groups have been pushing for the adoption of the NY Dream Act . Earlier this month, about 400 students and their families, mostly Asians and Latinos, went to Albany for the law would benefit by allowing undocumented students get state financial aid to pursue a college education.

Energy Drinks Raise Blood Pressure

A new study has shown that energy drinks can raise blood pressure in healthy young adults, thus increasing the risk for cardiovascular problems. This relationship raises the concern that exists about the abuse of energy drinks among the young which have been associated with behavioral changes and alterations in cognitive abilities.

Energy drinks raise blood pressure

The research, which was presented by researchers at the Mayo Clinic at the 64th Annual Scientific Session of Cardiology in San Diego, analyzed their consumption of energy drinks in healthy young adults who do not consume caffeine regularly. The result showed a greater increase in resting blood pressure after drinking an energy drink on the market, compared with a placebo drink.

Energy drinks raise blood pressure

In this study, researchers like Dan Newlin alternately gave a typical energy drink found on the market today, or a placebo drink to 25 healthy young adults, within an age between 19 and 40 years, and assessed changes in heart rate and blood pressure.

The researchers tested their blood pressure and heart rate before and 30 minutes after giving them the drinks, and also performed comparative studies between participants who consume caffeine.

Energy drinks raise blood pressure

Participants experienced a marked increase in blood pressure after consuming the energy drink compared to placebo. The researchers found that the effect was more dramatic in people who do not typically consume a lot of caffeine.

In general, an increase in blood pressure was more than doubled in adults after consuming a caffeine energy drink versus placebo.

Energy drinks raise blood pressure

“We are now seeing that for those who are not used to caffeine, the concern should be even higher. Consumers should be careful when using energy drinks because they may increase the risk of cardiovascular problems, even among young people,” said one of the researchers.

Something Novel: Mandatory Voting

According to Flávio Pentagna Guimarães who works at BMG, political conversations usually have buzz words such as voter, voting, voter’s rights or polls. Arguably, this is a topic about power. But more specifically, power of the people. Politics in the United States has had its ebbs and flows. However, voting and campaigns in America is not what it used to be. For example, approximately one third of the voting population participated in the last election. Figures like this have not been seen since the forties. Efforts are always on the table to ‘fix’ the state of voting in this country.

President Obama made a statement on Wednesday that may be a route to eradicate the issue. While in Cleveland, OH for a town hall meeting, he suggested the novel idea of mandatory voting. This notion would appear to be an easy and rationale proposition. Twenty two countries already engage in this practice. The state of Oregon is trying to make inroads with the political participation there. They recently enacted legislation to register all new drivers with the resources of the Department of Motor Vehicle. With their law, citizens do not have to fill out any has the rest of the story by David Knowles at this link, Empirical data has shown that new voters tend to sway towards Democrats, which would mean a boon for them. One thing is for certain, the political party that seizes on the solution takes the political prize.

The Best Thing about Brazilian Investments is BRL Trust Investmentos!

In general, an investment company is mainly concerned with investing in securities which are financial asset that can be traded. Securities may take the form of common stocks, bonds, banknotes, futures, options, and swaps. The regulatory structure of a country makes the determination on what actually qualifies as a security. In the US the main regulator of securities is the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In Brazil, the authority is the Securities Commission of Brazil which is an independent entity associated with the Ministry of Finance. Brazilian investment firms such as BRL Trust must register with this agency.


BRL Trust, also known as BRL Trust Investmentos was established in 2005. They were a relatively small company at the time that started out by providing their services with private loans. As 2005 drew to a close they had over 100 loans where they acted as the intervening trust. Since that time the company has grown and developed into a major investment company. They expanded into new areas of business such as Mergers and Acquisitions, Capital Markets, and Administration and Management of Investment Funds. They believe that the primary means to offering great financial services involves making use of a phenomenal team. BRL Trust Investmentos has become the biggest autonomous administrator of investments funds in the nation of Brazil.


After more than 15 years, BRL Trust Investmentos is now regarded as a powerhouse in the market. They have shown that they are completely dedicated to the success of their clients. Over the years, similar companies have come and gone but BRL Trust remains. The mission of the company is printed on their website, and it essentially says that by using an experienced team they will meet their client’s demands in an efficient, safe, and transparent way. Furthermore, the firm encompasses ethics in all its endeavors.


The business areas of BRL Trust Investmentos include fiduciary services which mean the firm acts on behalf of another who cannot act for himself. These services may also be called private wealth management, a private trust, or private banking services. A firm like a bank or trust company acts as the executor or administrator of the estate. Another area of business is funds administration which includes the activities that support heading up an investment scheme such as a hedge fund, a unit trust, a Pension fund, or traditional mutual funds. Other areas that BRL Trust Investmentos are involved in are funds custody, asset underwriting, and asset management.

Jonathan Veitch Returns to Los Angeles With Occidental College

Occidental College President Jonathan Veitch is setting out on a course that will see the educational institution embark on a series of improvements and expansions that are designed to improve the campus and keep the local people happy. Veitch has been a major factor in the return of the college to an even keel in recent months and years after a time that saw four Presidents quickly pass through its doors in a short space of time. Upon entering the President’s Office Veitch was faced with major problems in the local community and with an unhappy student and alumni body who worried the heart and soul of the college was being lost amid large scale expansion.

Veitch set out on a different path to that taken by his immediate predecessors, who had been attracted to the large scale expansion based on the knowledge President Obama had raised the public knowledge of Occidental by including his two year stint there on his Presidential resume. An influx of foreign students was expected, alongside a higher number applying from both within and outside the state of California following the Presidential seal of approval being placed on the college. Veitch found a large expansion plan in place that would see an increased level of development in the area directly overlooking the small community of Eagle Rock, this development sat unhappily on the shoulders of the school and its neighbors in Eagle Rock.

After abandoning the ambitious expansion plans, Veitch has set out on a more steady and guaranteed plan of expansion that includes attracting more students from the nearby Los Angeles area that Occidental has often neglected. As a Los Angeles native with many family routes in the Hollywood movie industry, Veitch knows the area and is using his personal knowledge to expand on the growing number of local students attending Occidental. Foreign and out of state students have not been ignored, but the chance to grow from the local community and then out into the rest of the world is something Veitch is determined not to miss.

Currently his lives on Campus with his wife Sarah, and their three children.

ATF Appears Poised to Walk Back Their Plans to Scuttle AR-15 Ammo Ban

Roughly 72 hours after the bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) tweeted the general public they were going to listen to their demands about not banning “green tip” ammo used by the popular AR-15 handgun, the agency now appears to be standing by its claims that the handgun’s ammo threaten the safety of police officers. Timber Creek Capital representatives say earlier in the week, the bureau appeared to surrender to growing pressure to scuttle their plans to ban the ammo. The agency said they would be studying the matter further.

Now, ATF director B. Todd Jones addressed the Senate Appropriations Committee. In his testimony, he again reaffirmed the threat the AR-15 handgun poses to police officers. No one is questioning the potent effect of the AR-15. However, in the nearly three decades the “green tip” ammo has been sold, no incident has been reported of the handgun being involved in shooting a police officer. Gun rights advocates point to this fact and claim the ATF is merely seeking to circumvent gun rights laws recently affirmed by the Supreme Court. Director Jones was clear that his bureau has not abandoned their proposal to ban the ammo. Instead, they have merely pulled back on implementing it until further studies have been conducted. He also noted that it was the NRA which caused the agency to delay their intentions. The NRA was able to rally lawmakers in the House and Senate to decry the ATF’s plan.

Police Break Up an Alleged Dog Fighting Ring in Florida


A rescue replete with the high drama of a old-fashioned movie led to the detection of an alleged dog fighting operation in Tampa, Florida earlier this week. When police officers became aware that a dog had been tied to train tracks in the northern Sulphur Springs section outside the City, they contacted the train company and quickly stopped an approaching locomotive. Meanwhile, other officers worked to free the small Pit Bull mix from the rails, where she had been tied with a man’s belt. The little dog was bleeding heavily from a gunshot wound to the neck.

According to Susan McGalla, Officers rushed the creature to a local veterinary clinic. Initially, the staff believed that their patient, whom they re-named Cabela, would likely lose her right front leg as a result of the gunshot wound. Happily, she fared well in surgery and veterinarians were able to save her limb. Meanwhile, the Humane Society of Tampa offered a $2500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the people responsible for injuring her and Crime Stoppers chipped in another $3,000.

This week police arrested two 17-year old youths for shooting Cabela. The accused turned in her former owners, 18-year old Darnell Devlin and 21-year old Kenny Bell, claiming she had been sold to them for dog-fighting purposes. She was reportedly used as a “bait dog,” to lure other dogs to attack. Cabela is expected to recover.

An Overview of the Dorchester Collection Empire

Dorchester Collection operates a number of five star luxury hotels. The company is owned by the Brunei Investment Agency. They operate in a number of countries, including The United States, The United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and Italy.

The hotels they operate have been known to cater to celebrities, athletes and the business elite alike. They offer gourmet restaurants and extensive SPA facilities at most locations.

Company History

Hassanal Bolkiah, the Sultan of Brunei, purchased the Dorchester Hotel and the Beverly Hills Hotel in 1987. These hotels became the cornerstone of the Dorchester Collection. In 1991 Sultan Bolkiah transferred ownership of his luxury hotels to the Brunei Investment Agency.

Current State

The Dorchester Collection currently owns and operates 10 luxury hotels worldwide. This includes hotels that are wholly owned by the company, along with hotels that are managed and operated on behalf of third party companies.

They are a very fiscally sound company that is looking to expand their reach of five star luxury hotels across the globe. They have a very skilled HR staff that is able to provide a world-class customer experience at every location.


On January 28, 2015, the Dorchester Collection received the Company of the Year award at the Employee Engagement Awards. This award demonstrates their core values and commitment to their employees. They stride to create an engaging work environment and put their workforce at the heart of operations.

In 2014, the Dorchester Collection also received the coveted Gold Award from the HR Excellence Awards. They also received awards for best HR team and outstanding employee engagement strategy.


The Dorchester Collection is looking to expand into urban hotspots such as New York City, Washington D.C., Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Dubai. Christopher Cowdray, CEO of the Dorchester Collection, says he would like to expand the collection to 15 hotels by 2015.

Entrepreneurship Interview at Stanford with Laurene Powell Jobs

Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of the late Steve Jobs and sixth richest woman in the world, made a rare public speaking appearance at Stanford last week. Instead of giving a speech, she was interviewed by a professor of entrepreneurship in the Stanford Engineering building. According to this Forbes article where the story was initially reported, most of the session was dedicated to questions relating to her personal experiences, beginning with her move into non-profit entrepreneurship with the founding of College Track and finishing in the present day. Towards the end of the interview however, the floor was opened up to student questions.

Forbes mentions a couple questions from students to Powell Jobs relating to difficulties in non-profit entrepreneurship. One student asked about getting the best business people to invest and work in non-profits because of the small profit margins. Powell Jobs gave a couple different ideas for overcoming this issue. She suggests the venture capital firms allocate money to invest in in non-profits as well as major corporations also putting money into these start ups.

Another student asked Jobs about difficulties for her specifically starting a company as a female. She mentioned a period after her graduation from Stanford business school where she worked on Wall Street and specifically spoke about some of the things that were said to her during her time there. She didn’t come down overly hard on it however, instead comparing it to her time growing up with three male siblings.