Performance Award for Highland’s Healthcare Fund

In a report released last month through PRNewswire, HCM, a Dallas-based investment firm, announced that its Healthcare Fund received the 2015 HFM Award in the category of 40 Act fund. Highland Capital Management is estimated to have about $20 billion in assets under management together with its affiliates. The company managed to scoop this award due the deep experience as well as expertise of the healthcare fund manager Michael Gregory and his professional team. James Dondero, the co-founder of Highland appreciated Michael and his team for the great achievement they have brought to the company.

This Performance Awards recognizes the best hedge fund that has performed beyond the reach of other competitors in relation to quantitative and qualitative factors. When selecting the winner, the judges consider performance data of the fund in first, third and fifth year, as well as the reputation of the manager and the relationship with investors. The MD of Healthcare Fund is Michael Gregory, and the fund is largest investment division of HCM with approximately $3 billion in investment capital. According to Michael, they will remain focused on providing quality and excellent performance for their investors. The award was as a result of the success of the investment strategy and risk management structures, and above all the hard work of the team.

James Dondero and Mark Okada founded HCM in 1993, after working together in the credit and equity markets for a long time. Jim, as he is commonly referred by peers has worked in the credit sector for over 30 years. His major focus has been on high-yield and distressed investments. Before he co-founded HCM, Jim was working for an affiliate of Protective Life, where he managed about $2 billion in AUM. Also, he was an employee of American Express holding the position of Corporate Bond Analyst before being promoted to the role of Portfolio Manager where he managed fixed income funds of approximately $1 billion.

Jim is a graduate of the University of Virginia, where he specialized in Finance and Accounting. Currently, Jim is a CFA and is allowed to use the designation of CMA. Dondero is a board member of American Banknote and MGM Studios, as well as being the chair of Board of Directors of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical among others. As the CEO of Highland Capital Management, Jim has ensured the company is among the largest fund managers in the world.

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Journey on the Path to Nutrition with Beneful Dog Food

If your current dog food is packed with only wholesome ingredients, you are one of a small percentage who has taken steps to provide their dog a healthier alternative. Take a look at the ingredients in your dog food and if you are not seeing just natural products, you might want to join the millions who are making the switch to Beneful brand dog food.
Beneful Adult Dry Dog Food Dry dog food for dogs does not have to be boring and packed with chemicals. Many manufactures try to enhance the look and small of their foods by pumping them full of harmful chemicals and additives. Take a look closely at the ingredients in the Beneful brand dog food and you will be surprised to see simple natural wholesome ingredients that taste good and are good for your dog too.
Purina Beneful Adult Wet Dog Food When it comes to variety, Beneful brand dog food creates a wet variety in small packets and resealable tubs that comes in 20 delicious flavors. You can see the chicken, beef, and pork as well as accents like barley, carrots, and green beans, busting right out of the package. These flavors are not only healthy for your pet, they provide the recommended daily allowance of nutrients that your dog needs to thrive each day. Regardless how active they are, these meals will put them on the path the healthiness.
Beneful Puppy Dog Food The puppy will grow more in these next 12 months than they will the rest of their life. It is extremely important they get all the proteins that their body needs to grow. Beneful brand dog food on Petco makes a puppy formula that is packed with plenty of tasty ingredients your dog will crave each day.
Beneful Dog Treats Now that it is time to reward your little buddy, reach for a Beneful brand dog treat. These little crackers or shortbread are oven-baked and filled with cheese, peanut butter, and beef flavors. Each treat will keep your dog away from those toxic treats filled with additives that are doing them more harm in the long run.

Sam Tabar Shares Vital Startup Investment Tips

Sam Tabar is known for his great eye for startups and his Bloomberg portfolio implies as much. The capital strategist is also an NYC based attorney who is responsible for helping THINX get off its feet. Sam Tabar’s investment in THINX allowed the underwear company to help women in need in Africa. It is investments like these that show Sam Tabar’s interest in doing some good in society. However, investments like THINX that seem to be a hit from the get go are rare. Generally, Sam Tabar has to do a bit of brain work before deciding whether a startup is worth his time.

Here are some general tips he wants to offer people regarding startup investment –

• Understand The Structure Of The Startup – Because people tend to invest in the startups of their relatives, friends and family members, they often brush past the finer details of the investment. Depending on the structure of the startup, in case the business fails, the investors could be responsible for liabilities. This should be checked in the documents while studying the proposal of the startup. Simply thinking that because it is a “smart friend”, the business would be a success is baseless because statistics show that 50% of all startups fail in the first 5 years itself.

• Business Loan Might Be Better For Those Seeking Quick Returns – In the first few years, startups tend to use whatever profits they make for the betterment of the business. As such, investors do not get any dividend or returns. For people who wish to have a regular income stream right from the beginning, it is better to offer money in the form of a business loan. This would ensure that there is a fixed term of repayment and the investor keeps earning a set amount on the initial principal. Plus, a certain amount of guarantee is also attached to the principal in this way.

• Preparing An Exit Strategy – Getting into a startup is often quite easy but without an exit strategy, getting out can be quite difficult. Mostly, the initial capital of an investor gets used up before the business even starts making a sale. After that, there are 3 – 5 years before dividends are churned out for investors. Even when the investor is receiving dividends, the initial capital is still tied up into the business and liquidating that equity can be quite difficult.

These are some things that should be kept in mind, as per Sam Tabar, while investing in a startup.  Though his bio shows that it takes plenty of education as well.  Follow Sam on social media for more.

Find The Perfect London Vacation Rentals At World Escape London

I am not surprised that so many people are talking about World Escape London. They give an excellent service to anyone who is visiting London and needs a place to stay. It is a huge city that can be confusing if you don’t know where to look for apartments, condos or other places to stay, so the search tools have really come in handy. I am satisfied with every aspect of my experiences with this company. I had an issue with my reservation, and they resolved it quickly. The place I ended up staying in looked exactly like the pictures on the webpage, so I have to hand it to them for that. That type of accuracy is something that every traveler appreciates.

The Beauty Of Traveling To London

There are so many things to do in the city that you can spend a lifetime there trying to do them all. I knew that the place I found on World Escape London was the right place for me because it was located near the business that I had to visit. Part of my job is to visit different businesses and conduct investigations on their employees, like a secret shopper. I love it when I have a place to stay in town that is close to where I need to be because it makes my commute easier. The search tools on the site helped me find the perfect location for my stay.

I have used the site for non-work related visits to London, as well. I have booked rooms for myself and others. I can only say positive things about my experience with the site and the people running World Escape London. I know they are working hard to satisfy their customers because they quickly addressed my booking issue, and they immediately resolved everything without any stress added to my situation.

I will certainly recommend visiting London to friends and family. I have so many wonderful stories to share with everyone, and I would have to share my story of how I found the place I stayed, of course.

London Vacation Rentals Are A Better Choice For Families Compared To Hotels

My family vacation went exceptionally well this year because we stayed at a vacation rental apartment rather than a hotel for the first time. We were able to find the perfect apartment to accommodate our family of four by contacting a booking agency called LondonEscape. The apartment that we easily booked, online, was charming and very modern; it had 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and hardwood floors, cathedral ceilings and a modern kitchen. The apartment also featured plenty of amenities, which included high speed internet service, flat screen TVs, washer/dryer machines, an iron, kitchen utensils and a variety of furnishings, like a sofa and a dinning room table, that made our London flat a home away from home.

The entire apartment was spotless and the upscale bathrooms had everything that you would find in a hotel, which included soap, shampoo, a hair dryer and towels. Each of the bedrooms had comfortable beds, fine linens, lighting and plenty of storage and closet space. The apartment that we selected was in central London, which gave us convenient access to restaurants, shopping, transportation and many local landmarks.

My entire family really enjoyed the privacy and comfort that the apartment offered us. LondonEscape has changed my perception of taking a vacation, for I previously associated vacations with small hotel rooms, annoying room service and sub-par continental breakfast service. Staying at a LondonEscape apartment, gave us plenty of space to relax after an active day, and it gave us the option to cook our own meals and to eat at restaurants at our leisure.

LondonEscape also does a great job of offering a variety of hospitality services in London, such as an airport shuttle service, and they also assigned us with a friendly accommodation manager who met us at our apartment and who was available via phone to answer our questions about sites and locations to visit in London.

Our stay in London was truly magical, and the booking services from LondonEscape made the trip very memorable. Our children still talk about the London apartment that we stayed in, and they constantly remind us of their desire to return to London for our next family vacation. Little do they know that we are also excited, just like them, to contact LondonEscape and book a vacation apartment so we can relive that experience all over again.

Beneful Dog Food Products

Beneful, made by Purina, is a popular brand on Youtube of dog food products. They make both wet and dry dog food as well as dog treats. Here are some of the most popular dog food varieties by Beneful.

Healthy Weight with Real Chicken

This calorie smart recipe has 25% protein from chicken and is a tasty way for dogs to manage their weight. Dogs will still be excited about mealtime for this favorite dog food that includes all of the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Healthy Puppy

For growing dogs, this dog food is available and contains extra calcium for young bones. The added DHA helps to support the growing dog’s brain and eyesight so they have a head start on a healthy life. This is an ideal food for dogs who are 8 months and under.


This option be Beneful is for small dogs. The protein-rich nutrition helps small dogs to thrive and life a healthy life. This food is great for any aged small dog, as it provides a wide variety of nutrients to benefit any dog.

Beef Chopped Blends Wet Food

This wet food contains beef, wild rice, carrots, and tomatoes. The finely chopped pieces are easy for dogs to ingest and are palatable, as they look and taste like beef stew. The wholesome ingredients can easily be seen in this wet dog food, and the flavor can be smelled upon opening. The different textures in this food make mealtime an enjoyable experience for the dogs.

Salmon Chopped Blends Wet Food

For an extra silky coat, this wet food containing salmon, tomatoes, wild rice, and carrots is a perfect food. With the skin soothing nutrients of salmon, this wet food is sure to be enjoyed and promote healthy skin to each dog.

These are only a few examples of the exemplary dog foods offered by Beneful. No matter what age a dog is or what size they are, there is sure to be a Beneful food to suit their needs.



Coaching 101 – How it Affects Your Real Estate Business

When it comes to factors that have cultural and financial impact, most real estate agencies focus on general constants, such as marketing and sales. Sadly, few people see the merit in allocating at least a fraction of their resources towards coaching their employees. Society views the idea of coaching and training agents in different angles. Nevertheless, with everything else being equal, there is no question that a coached workforce can easily outperform a workforce without the same specialized training.

One-on-One Coaching

With a private style of coaching, the trainer can more meticulously analyze an agent’s strengths and weaknesses. One-on-one coaching helps an agent concentrate more on his/her strengths rather than fixate on his/her shortcomings. This focused growth avoids the common pitfall of trying to do and learn multiple things simultaneously, which simply lead to higher levels of stress and loss of interest in trying to learn them.

Cultural Strengthening

Usually, real estate coaching is done with smaller sized groups, such as 12 people at a time. Each group is then given an accountability partner and is required to attend and participate in his/her weekly scheduled program. During these meetings, agents are encouraged to collaborate on industry-related ideas that can potentially helm them grow the company. The agency’s manager is required to attend these meetings so they can track the group’s progress and make sure that the activities are making a positive impact.

Personal Growth

Aside from strengthening the business’ culture, regular coaching of both new and experienced agents result in personal development. By helping the individual focus on few crucial targets at any given time, they can achieve greater things. And at each milestone they complete, a revitalized sense of accomplishment keeps the momentum to work hard and smart consistently running. People who are coached also display a tendency to help their colleagues, which in turn benefit workforce productivity and year-end P/L.

Coaching Services By Real Estate Mavericks

Who you hire to coach your staff plays an equally important role as the decision to seek the services in the first place. A good coaching firm must carry the extensive experience and the right coaching models for their work to make a significant impact.

A coaching professional like Real Estate Mavericks can train real estate agencies of varying sizes. Regardless if you focus on commercial or residential properties, these industry veterans can transform your agents into a more productive and potent workforce. In other words, professional coaching services can ultimately give your agency a competitive edge against local and national agencies, something that’s hard to come by in these financially troubling times.

Greg Hague of Real Estate Mavericks

Final Note

In the end, it is important to understand that coaching services from Real Estate Mavericks aren’t the ultimate solution to all your problems as an agency manager. If you fail to provide an environment or culture that fosters personal and professional growth, your agents may still leave you for greener pastures. Make sure to work proactively in teaching and developing your agents to not only complete their day-to-day workload, but to excel beyond expectations they impose on themselves.

George Soros Has Information About How To Solve The Refugee Crisis


The refugee crisis particularly in Europe is dominating news headlines. Many say that this is for good reason as there is a lot of chaos that has been generated by these events. That is why George Soros has stepped out to say that he has a plan for how to stem the problem and get things straightened out for the countries involved.

In a MarketWatch piece, Soros has stated that each of the individual countries in the European Union has seemed to act in its own interests rather than as the community of nations as a whole. This has caused more problems than it has helped solve. The lack of organization has brought uncertainty to practically everyone who is involved.

Why should anyone care about what George Soros has to say in the first place? You may be asking yourself this very question. Well, the answer has a lot to do with the power and influence that he has built up in his life over the years. According to, Soros is the sixteenth most wealthy person on the planet. He has built this wealth by building up his own companies and doing a lot of investing. He is certainly a master of industry and someone worth listening to on the issues.

Sources such as talk about how Forbes gained his fame and the respect that he generates by betting some $10 billion on a short of the British pound that ultimately netted him some $2 billion in profits. Despite the fact that this move occurred in 1992, Soros is still well respected and known all around the world.

Soros says about the refugee crisis that the European Union will need to be willing to accept a few million refugees for the next few years and that they should spread these refugees around fairly. Rather than having some countries take in many of these refugees and others not accepting all that many, Soros believes that every country should work towards an equitable distribution of the refugees all throughout Europe. In his mind he believes that this is the only fair way to do things. Not only that, but he says that he believes this is the best way to manage the situation.

The creation of safe channels to move from Syria and surrounding countries into Europe is a must. This means that refugees would not simply cross borders without inspection. They would have a safer way to funnel themselves into Europe in a way that allows everyone to know who they are and to make sure that everything is kept as safe as possible for all parties. Perhaps some of Soros’ ideas ought to be implemented to deal with the situation.

Analysis Of Beneful Dog Food Products

The Nestle Purina Company owns the Beneful brand. The brand’s main area of focus is manufacturing dog foods. Beneful joined the market in 2001 and by using nutrition as their marketing strategy; they were able to grow worldwide within a short time. The appearance of their products also brought them recognition and fame. The name Beneful also means filled with goodness. The Beneful brand has a myriad of healthy dog products. The dog foods are prepared with different ingredients such as vitamin filled vegetables and proteins that offer various tastes and nourishment.

Beneful wet dog food is made of ingredients that are considered wholesome on Additional flavors are also used to add taste on the meal. They come in twenty different varieties that ensure the overall happiness and health of your pet. The textures are variable with some of them having big chunks in hearty roasters and diced chopped blends .These foods have visible ingredients such as rice carrots green beans and barley. They are packed with different proteins such as pork, chicken beef and lamb.

The food comes in resalable packaging tubs of varying sizes.
Beneful on facebook has dog snacks called the Beneful baked delights. These products are made in sanitary conditions. After carefully making and designing them, they are oven baked. Dogs enjoy these treats, as they are able to change from their regular diet. The brand uses dog’s favorite flavors such as peanut butter, cheese and beef. These treats come in different textures such as crispy crackers and shortbread dog cookies. The Beneful branded baked delights dog snack stars comprise of shortbread biscuits that is made with cheese and bacon as well as cheese and chicken.

The dog snack hugs are crispy snacks that are filled with centers made of cheese and beef. Dog snacks snackers are also a favorite among dogs and are made using soft centers that have artificial and natural peanut butter and cheese. The dog snack quacks come in colorful packaging. They are made of hickory smoke and cheese crackers that have wholesome components full of omega and antioxidants.

In addition, Beneful makes the dry dog food that comes in a various flavors guaranteed to keep the dogs happy. They come in chewable sizes that the dogs can manage easily. These dry dog foods come in the form of healthy puppy version and the healthy dog version. Both foods are rich in proteins such as lamb, beef and chicken.

How Ricardo Guimarães And BMG Are Changing The Financial World

When it comes to the financial world and finding the best loans, most people are at a loss as to what they should be looking for. The best way to go about getting a loan is to go through a great company that truly is looking out for their clients. One such company would be BMG and its operator Ricardo Guimarães. Ricardo Guimarães has made it his priority to help a variety of civil individuals to receive the loans that they need. This includes employees, retirees and a variety of other people who might need financial help.

One of the main purposes of BMG and Ricardo Guimarães is to provide much-needed financial assistance to those who are in need of receiving it. The problem with so many people is that they fall into a hole financially because of the fact that they cannot pay for things outright. For example, the person might not have the money to pay for a car and so they have issues getting back and forth to work. When you take out a loan, this provides you with the much-needed money that you need without all of the issues that might be involved with skimping and saving all by yourself.

When it comes to the BMG group, you will find that they have helped thousands of people to get the much-needed loans that they need. In fact, Ricardo Guimarães has helped people personally to receive loans in a wide variety of different ways. The BMG group offers a range of loans to make it easy for you to get financial assistance when and where you happen to need it. Once you find out how easy it is for you to get the right type of loan, you may wonder why you never went ahead with this before in the past.

Ricardo Guimarães is one of the leaders when it comes to the BMG and its financial group. This particular company has been mentioned online by very prestigious websites. The fact that they have been mentioned for their loan services lets you know that they are a huge contender when it comes to this field. You can feel confident in getting the loan that you want without all of the headache that is often involved. You can feel good about getting that loan and knowing that you are doing so when going through a great quality company.