NBA Team Owners

There are 30 teams in the NBA but not only 30 owners. The NBA teams are often owned by a group of people or multiple corporations. There have been some recent ownership changes, which media followed very closely, mostly due to the fact that the NBA market has drastically changed over the course of one year. Some teams almost doubled their value because of the television deals the NBA has arranged. Also, the value of the franchises has risen in a short time, and some thought it was a good time to sell while others thought it was a perfect time to buy.
There are some owners who have been holding on to their NBA team for a longer period of time. Some new owners have been recently introduced in the NBA, and Michael Jordan, a former star player, is just one of them. He has been the second largest shareholder of Charlotte Bobcats since June 2006. However, the last year marked a couple of changes. In January, for example, Milwaukee Bucks were valued by Forbes at $405 million, which was last among the NBA teams. The revenues of the club were the lowest overall in the last NBA season. The Milwaukee Bucks were bought for $18 million by Herb Kohl in 1985, but the value of NBA teams, including the Bucks, has increased rapidly. They were sold for $550 million last year to a group led by Marc Lasry and Wesley Edens, two well-known hedge fund managers.

Former Atlanta Hawks Owner – Bruce Levenson
A team like Bucks was not in such a good shape like the Hawks were, for example. Last season, besides winning 60 games and achieving a franchise record, the Hawks were also the top seed in the Eastern Conference. Also, they won 19 games in a row in January and their odds for going for the playoff trophy were getting bigger. However, only Bruce Levenson, their former owner according to, knew what the odds of the team being put up for sale that January were. The remaining partners soon followed and agreed to sell their shares in the franchise. The Atlanta-based group of Michael Gearon Jr. and Michael Gearon Sr., Rutherford Seydel and Beau Turner sold their 32.3% of the franchise, in addition to the 17.6% of the New York-based group led by Steven Price.
Last year, the Hawks were valued by Forbes at $425 million; however, the price for Hawks went all the way up to $730 million when the new owner Ressler recently bought the Hawks. Last spring, he was also interested in buying Los Angeles Clippers and was among the three finalists in that deal.
The former Hawks owner, Mr. Bruce Levenson is also the Partner and Co-Founder of UGC (United Communications Group). In 2004, Mr. Levenson, Gearon and others purchased the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers, together with the Atlanta Hawks and the operating rights to Philips Arena, which cost them $250 million. In 1997, together with Mr. Ed Peskowitz, Mr. Levenson co- founded UGC, and he still has an important role in the company even after 27 years and continues to drive its business forward. Besides being the President of the “I Have a Dream Foundation” in Washington, he has devoted lots of time to other philanthropic activities.

The Growth of the NBA and Its Team Players

The NBA stands for the National Basketball Association, and this is one of the largest sports associations out there. Anyone who knows and loves basketball knows all about the NBA and you may even be familiar with its many players. The association has gone through tons of basketball players throughout the years and has had numerous games that millions of people have watched. This is what makes the association one of the largest when it comes to sports in the world. It’s no wonder that the association is continually growing each and every day.

When it comes to the NBA, many people love to watch the games and stay updated on its popular players. Some of the players in the association have since retired, but this doesn’t make them any less a part of the NBA as those who are still playing. One of the best things about this association is that it incorporates many different teams and organizes its games to ensure that people are able to stay abreast of anything going on when it comes to their all-time favorite sport.

Bruce Levenson is the team owner and businessman of the NBA. It has been his job to grow the association and continue to make it a wonderful sport for those who love to watch and follow their favorite players and games. Bruce Levenson has had tons of experience on prnewswire within the association and continues to do things in order to continue its growth over time. This is what makes the NBA a wonderful association for basketball players and those who simply enjoy watching the games.

One of the fantastic things about the NBA is that it has branched out in many different directions that can help viewers as well as its players. For example, you can easily buy NBA team gear when and where you want. This team gear is ideal for those who love the sport and want something that is completely authentic from the actual association. You can even check social media pages and look up information pertaining to your favorite players to see what they are currently up to. The NBA also has a hall of fame for those retired players who truly helped to build the association. This is the job of Bruce Levenson; to benefit the growth and continuation of the NBA for players and viewers alike.

There are lots of sporting associations out there and there are even some associated with basketball, but there is none more popular than the NBA when it comes to basketball. This is a wonderful team for anyone who loves to enjoy the sport and just wants to be kept updated on what’s going on within the association. The teams are continually growing and there is nothing better than knowing that a person can get all of their favorite gear or watch games being played from home without even having to leave a computer. The NBA is definitely stepping into modern times with how it is being viewed.

Advertising in Magazines

Like Newspapers, one could also advertise in magazines. Magazines are more powerful in advertising in that there is always color to the pages. There are hardly any black and white pages in the magazines. There are some black and white magazines. However, even those might have color ads. Black and white advertising is likely a stylish choice on the part of the company and the advertisers. The business does have to find a way to catch the attention of a customer. The company can come up with the idea itself and let the advertisers carry it out, or he can leave all the planning of advertising to the advertisers as well.

When it comes to Claudio Loureiro and Heads Propaganda, it is probably better to leave all the planning and the conceptualization of the campaign to them. Claudio and Heads have the experience and the creativity to bring about something that will hook the customers and send them to the store and buying all of the products. When people look at Claudio’s ads in the magazines, they will be very compelled to buy the product. Heads Propaganda is also good at making sure the ad seems to come from the business that is advertising the product instead of the advertising agent. Claudio is not only creative, but he also understands the trademarks and the vibes of each business that comes to him for advertising service.

While magazines give people more room to be creative in their advertising, they also make it easier for companies to target their customers. For instance, electronic products and companies might have an easier time advertising on a magazine that deals with home theaters or computer products than they would on a magazine that deals with fashion. There are also certain magazines that have a universal appeal. For instance, people from all walks of life with all types of interests read celebrity magazines. Ads that are placed there can generate a lot of business for companies.

Magazine advertising is a very lucrative form of advertising. One thing that makes it worth using is that magazines do not seem to be going anywhere, even with e-readers and tablets. Many people still go to book stores and grocery stores to buy magazines. Some people do read it at the newsstand. Due to the popularity of magazines, they are a safe bet for advertising for almost any company and good for profits.

Brad Reifler Brings Investing to the Middle Class

Brad Reifler is one of the leading investing and business professionals of our time. He has founded numerous companies in the financial services sector and has become known to be a serial entrepreneur. Among the companies that he has started are Pali Capital and Reifler Trading Company. Unlike some other businesspeople that only want to make money for themselves at all costs, Brad Reifler wants to help others become as successful as him. This has led him to take action in order to make investing more accessible to middle class individuals, as opposed to being restricted to those who are lucky enough to be part of the one percent.

Mr. Reifler is the CEO of Forefront Capital, the firm that is behind the Forefront Income Trust. This investment program is aimed at the category of non-accredited investors, which are individuals that wouldn’t meet the SEC’s requirements to have a minimum annual income of $200,000 or a net worth exceeding $1 million. Reifler’s investment program is designed to be affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. The minimum investment is $2,500 and investors can withdraw this amount every quarter or decide to add to it if they wish.

The Forefront Income Trust has been created after the financial crisis of 2008, a time where many people in the middle class were very hesitant to invest in the stock market or other financial instruments that they see as being exceedingly risky. The investments included in Brad Reifler’s program have been carefully chosen in an effort to minimize risk, while giving them a preferred return of 8 percent. No profits are taken by the trust’s management until they have managed to reach their return goal. It is thus an investment that is simple, accessible, yet allows for a decent amount of growth.


An economist is a person who has attained a Ph.D. degree in economics which is a discipline in the social science. An economist study develops and applies theories and concepts from the discipline. He or she also teaches economics science and above all he or she write articles concerning economic policies.

One of the forces to reckon in the financial discipline is Mr. Christian Broda. He is an American economist and financial profession based in New York. Mr. Christian attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he attained his Ph.D. degree in Economics. After graduating, Mr. Broda became a professor at the University of Chicago where he taught economics. Mr. Broda has written many articles about economic literature which have been published in many top journals in the United States of America. He has also worked in many financial firms including Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Lehman Brothers where he had the position of Chief International Economist. Currently, Mr. Forbes’ Christian Broda is the associate editor of the Journal of development economics and also serve as the managing director of Duquesne Capital Management.

In the society, the economists are highly regarded because of the important role they play. Economists tell the organization more about the social science and what it entails. Economists analyze the consumption of goods and services to ensure that they are of value to the society. Also examines the production of goods or services to make sure they are of the high standards and distributed efficiently. Economists tend to tell unanswerable questions like the outcome of inflation and advice how to find the lasting solution to the problem. Economists examine whether the society is better off with the government aids or if the interventions are just helpless to the society.

Economists play a decisive part in the business and marketing sectors. For example, they come up with strategies and suggest policies that can help to overcome market failure. Economists look for the available business opportunities and advice how the opportunities can be utilized to make more profit. Economists give the way forward of investing and offer strategic plans in economically formulated projects so as to ensure that the projects benefit the business sector thoroughly together with the people in the area. With the enterprise making a real income, we, therefore, say that economics help to improve the living standards of the people.

In the government sector, economists play an integral part in making sure that the government uses its revenue correctly. Economists assess data and statistics that they use to make recommendations about how the government is supposed to put the revenue in important sectors that are paying back. They offer choices to help the government formulate increasing output projects and reducing inequality in the country. The economists also advise the governments to support local industries by regulating the importing of goods similar to which the local industries manufacture. This regulation saves the government on import tax and boosts the morale of entrepreneurs. Economists also advice on the importance of stabilizing prices of the goods and services.

Joseph Bismark Is Strict On Himself When It Comes To His Exercises

Joseph Bismark is strict on himself when it comes to the things that he eats and the exercises that he does, and he is a healthy man because of that. As is stated in the article released through Reuters, Joseph Bismark cares about both the health of his body, and more importantly, the health of his mind. He wants to make sure that he stays sharp, and that he is always able to focus on the things that he needs to be focusing on, and so he exercises both his body and mind on a regular basis.
The exercises that he does for his body and mind, in addition to the strong spiritual beliefs that he has, have helped Joseph Bismark to be someone whose life is very well balanced. Bismark is a peaceful man who has gained respect form all of the people that he works with, because he respects them, as well. He has made sure to always treat people fairly, and to show them that he believes in the work that they are doing, and his business has been able to succeed greatly because of that. He runs his business with spirituality thrown in, and that has been a big part of the reason that he has been able to do so well in it.
Joseph Bismark has long believed in the power that is found through spirituality, as he was raised by monks in the Philippines, and he is not afraid to share that belief with the people around him. He started up his company with the hope that others would catch on and start using spirituality in their own businesses, and he has been a great example of the good of doing that because of all of the success that his business has seen. He is a good businessman because of the peaceful way that he lives his life, because of the respect that he shows to the people who are working for him, and because of the way that he keeps both his body and mind in shape. Being strict on himself in all that he does seems to have really worked for him.

Some Outdoor Space in The Big Apple, Possible or Not?

An article recently posted by the New York Times makes clear the desire of city dwellers to have gardens and green spaces in their homes. It is, however, not as common as is desirable. Moreover, that which is available is at a premium rate. A search conducted by the magazine sought out such apartments at a price not higher than five hundred thousand dollars.

The search of NYC luxury real estate would have of course been made easier with the help of Town Residential. This group of professionals specializes in finding suitable apartments and homes for city dwellers or those looking to join this way of life. With their recent merging of talent and expertise with the Fortune International Group, they’re now able to provide a larger database to choose from, for both customers and sellers. Their expertise in representing the most iconic of properties in the big apple would mean that they’re able to cater for the needs of all sorts of clients and find the spaces most suitable to their needs. Such as the newfound need for green backyards, roofs, and patios.

The search conducted by the New York Times for spaces with gardens or simply green outdoors yielded a mix of results from different parts of the city. A hundred and fifty-six out of three hundred and seventy-three listed apartments claimed to have outdoor spaces. A more refined search for words such as ‘decks’ and ‘patios’ didn’t yield as favorable results, however. This leads one to believe that the outdoor spaces aforementioned were of the dubious state. For some, the outdoor space could only mean the lawn separating two buildings. However, some results were close enough to the idea in minds.

One co-op studio in Park Slope seemed to come very close. With a Japanese maple tree and more vegetation in the backyard, it answered the need for an outdoor space. The number 2 at 268 Berkeley Place has enough room for chairs and a table. This makes it both cozy and calm, away from the bustle of city life. However, with 500 square feet worth of outdoor space, it just might be bigger than the studio itself.

No matter, they’re are many more spaces that fill this newborn need, one only need know where and how to look. In addition to this, using Town Residential in one’s search is an idea to keep in mind.

A Look At Brazil’s Impressive Multi-Cultural Community

When I think of Brazil, I clearly picture the magnificent Art Deco sculpture that stands atop the Corcovato Mountain in Rio de Janiero – a Seventh Wonder of the Modern World: Christ the Redeemer. Those outstretched hands have come to be symbolic of the warmth with which Brazilians welcome visitors also, a warmth most undoubtedly generated from the peace and tranquility that is a Brazilian way of life. My observations have found them to be quiet souls inside and out, and they call to mind a beautiful scripture passage from St. Paul to the Philippians:

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.”(4.8 NIV)

Brazilian Art & Culture certainly resound this verse. ‘Thinking about such things’ must have taken seed long ago in the 15th century. Brazil was a Portuguese Colony whose inhabitants were of Portuguese and African descent. The 19th and 20th centuries saw settlements of Spaniards, Germans, Italians, Nipponese, the Levantine, Poles, Ukrainians and Helvetians, which have shaped a most praiseworthy multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society in Brazil today!

Brazilian art is a manifesto of diversity. Modern Brazilian artists include: Candido Portinari, Alfredo Volpi, Anita Malfatti, Beatriz Milhazes, Cecilia Meireles, Claudio Edinger, and Christina Oiticica. Brazilian music seems to have kept much of its “indigenous flavor.” Brazilian writers, however, comprise a multi-cultural literary community with a rich history. Ana Miranda, Mino Carta, Ana Maria Machado, Pedro Bloch, Paulo Freire, etc., are contemporaries. Wikipedia does list well over 200 famous writers (novelists, journalists, children’s writers, chroniclers, short story, fiction, non-fiction, children’s writers) either born in Brazil or Brazilian immigrants.

In my focus right now, is Jaime Garcia Dias, a Brazilian writer whose late father, Arnaldo, was a writer, journalist, and also Jaime’s mentor. Jaime’s mother, Dulce, was an architect. My observation: It is, indeed, a blessing that Jaime’s ability to create, organize and construct exceptional storytelling is, no doubt, inherent.

At the age of 15, Noticias reported Jaime already had made the decision to become a writer. He wasted no time. His first book, “The Devil to Pay in the Backlands,” was published when he was 18 years old. Bravo! Today, he is a White Crane award recipient and one of Brazil’s premiere writers with an accomplished 20 novels. What makes Jaime a very special writer is his desire to follow in his father’s footsteps and his interest and desire to encourage enrichment in Brazilian literature through education.

In 1993, he began to teach literature at the Carioca Literature Academy in Rio de Janiero, which has since become the Brazilian literary institution of choice for many young future writers. While teaching, and simultaneously continuing his writing career, Jaime became the vice president and ultimately president of the academy. For the past two years, he has published weekly chronicles in the Jornal do Brasil that center on his childhood themes, which he now as decided to compile for publication as a collection entitled: “Chronicles that Made Me a Man,” dedicated to his late father.

There are success stories, but Jaime’s is a standout success story because he is, by rite, a Brazilian literary torchbearer.

Brian Bonar: A real finance icon

Brian Bonar has served as president, secretary, treasurer, chief executive and chief financial officer at Trucept Inc. that was formerly known as Smart-Tek solutions Inc. He has also served as co-president at Allegiant Professional Business service Inc., chairman and chief executive officer at Amanda co. Inc. and chairman and chief executive at Dalrada Financial Corporation. He is also known to volunteer at a handful of associations including the Greater San Diego Boys and Girls club. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclydle, an MBA from Staffordshire University and a doctorate degree from Staffordshire University.

According to the proxy statement filed for the fiscal year 2012, he received a total annual compensation of eight hundred and sixty thousand five hundred and seventy one dollars at Trucept. The total annual pay comprised of a salary of three hundred and sixty thousand dollars and other types of compensation which consists of awards that don’t fit in other standard categories that amounted to five hundred thousand, five hundred and seventy one dollars. He did not receive any compensation on bonus, stock option or awarded for stock. Take a look at his MG2 profile here.

Bonar mostly specializes in financial matters. He helps institutions with money management issues through his Corporations. He is dedicated to helping small companies to make financial decisions through his corporations. For instance, Trucept helps bring solutions to small companies by completing tasks for them. Small companies seek assistance in ensuring that the financial decisions are made right from professional financial Corporations such as Dalrada Financial Corporation, which is managed by Brian Bonar (Twitter). His company assists both small and large business to do their finances smoothly and effectively. He helps them deal with financial factors such as payrolls which are tricky to most businesses. He sits down with the concerned persons and determines the financial needs of the business and ensures that they are done correctly and sent on time.

Bonar has many years of experience that makes him make a difference when it comes to doing financial things. He has more than eighteen years experience with IBM and has a two decade experience in growth companies. He has worked at various Corporations holding various titles thus increasing his financial expertise. His corporation’s dedication in getting to know their clients, their company and current economic market makes them stand out as a financial corporation. Bonar is known to have succeeded in various managerial posts in various corporations. His hard work and remarkable managerial skills have lead to the success of the corporations that he works for. As such Brian Bonar is said to be an icon when it comes to matters of finance and helping other business to effectively make decisions on money matters.

How Did Adam Sender Walk Away with $70 Million Dollars?

Usually when you discuss a huge windfall it is acquired in one of a few ways. Either this person hit the lottery or works in a field where millions of dollars is just rewards for hard work. The fact is that Adam Sender got his start as a manager for a very successful hedge fund. But even the best in the business are lucky to walk away after a decade with a few million, not a staggering $70 million dollars. The story begins with Adam Sender making himself and his clients some very nice money for many years, but he was always on the lookout for a way to grow his money while he managed the fund.

Sender decided he wanted to try and get into the Contemporary art world, so he started looking for some masterpieces that he could buy with the profits he was making from the hedge fund and then turn around and sell when the art industry hit a peak. His hopes were quickly dashed when he found out that to buy masterpieces from the greatest artists in the world would set him back over a million dollars a painting. He realized even if the market peaked, he would not have enough room to make a decent profit. The risk here just seemed to big, one mistake at this level and he could lose everything.

This is where the story of Adam Sender takes an amazing turn. He could have easily put all his focus back into the hedge fund and walked away a happy man at retirement. Sender was not about to give up on his dream of hitting it big in art, so he decided to take a more unconventional route. Sender began looking at some impressive pieces that were painted by some lesser-known artists that were just about to break through in the art world. These artists were not at the top yet, but Sender could see some significant value in their pieces. He began to start collecting pieces from multiple artists, all of which were high-quality but not considered masterpieces yet. Adam Sender’s Whitepages profile is linked.

Sender needed to be sure he was not simply throwing his money into a deep dark hole, so in 2006 he decided to put up 40 of his collection at auction to test the waters. He was amazed to see those pieces sell for $20 million dollars. His gamble paid off, and he began to buy more pieces and grow his incredible collection. It wasn’t long before Sender had collected 400 pieces from over 139 unique lesser-known artists. He has since closed the hedge fund and put his entire collection up for auction with the help of Sotheby’s They anticipate the sale to net Sender $70 million dollars when completed in 2016. Check out this article by ArtNews on Adam Sender.